Can You Do People’s Makeup without a License?

If you are operating from your own premises, then some governing bodies will need you to register with them. So yes, you will need a license to do people’s makeup. They do this to ensure that you follow safe practices and that your premise is safe. This won’t be much of a problem because if you are conducting a salon business professionally, your salon will be safe anyway. For this, you will need to provide specific documentation, like the certificate of registration. You may have to pay a certain fee to cover the inspection of the local council.

But, you should know that if you work as a freelancer in the United Kingdom, there aren’t any countrywide licensing requirements. 

You can determine whether you can do people’s makeup without a license by speaking to your local council. The council may ask you to present public liability insurance before they can grant you a license. Again, if you are running the premise professionally, you may already have all the paperwork required that states you are doing business legally. Also, depending on your activities, you may need other licenses as well. 

Why do you need a license? 

A license ensures that you have been recognized by the council as a safe practitioner. Your practices won’t do any harm to the general public who comes to you for makeup services. Also, it covers any kind of treatment risks involved. So, before you start working as a professional, get approval from the council. 

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