Best Beauty, Hair & Makeup Christmas Gift Ideas

Shopping for your most loved ones can be challenging. It can be hard to stay creative and not repeat the same gift idea as the years go by. So, if you need some inspiration and you are out of ideas, you will find the perfect gift for your sister, best friend, cousin, mother, aunt, grandma, girlfriend, or your wife in the text down below!

Best Beauty Gift Ideas

 A Luxurious Set

2019 Beautycounter Holiday Collection - Safer Skincare - Better Beauty | Peace Love and Low Carb



A luxurious three-piece set that has a shower cream, body lotion, and a fragrance will turn everyone’s frown upside down! Every woman loves luxurious packages, as well as high-end products. Make sure you find a set that suits the person’s skin type and find something that has a scent reminiscent of the person.





A Skincare Fridge

Skincare Hack | Mini Fridge


A newer trend in 2019 has been a small and petite skincare fridge. These fridges can store all of your skincare items and keep them cool. Once applied on top, all products will feel luxurious and soothing, just like as if you were at a spa! If you know someone who is obsessed with skincare, get them this fridge.







A Brush Set

This sleek set of 10 makeup brushes contains everything you need for a complete full-face look.Featuring durable rose gold ferrules, it includes a mix of synthetic fibers for ultimate softness and blendable application.


A brush set is for women who love makeup, and who are into creating creative looks quite often. Having all the brushes in one place and in one color is aesthetically pleasing, as well as practical.





Best Hair Gift Ideas

Dyson Blowdryer

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Holder, Metal Hair Dryer Stand #Comfy



A Dyson blowdryer is one of the best, loved, and most-sold hairdryers at the moment. This item is for anyone who wants to maintain their hair, and who is into using minimal heat on their strands. Dyson is a smart blowdryer that won’t overheat your hair, and will always give you silky smooth results. Anyone can use this item, which makes it perfect for any person that is in your life!


Olaplex Hair-Care Treatment

Strengthen and repair your hair without compromising your color. #OLAPLEX Bond Maintenance repairs and protects...


Olaplex hair-care products can help your hair restore its natural shine and optimal balance. Olaplex hair-care products are suitable for any hair type, but they are pricey. If you know someone who has been dealing with breakage, flat and dry hair, or bleached strands – get them an Olaplex hair-care product or an entire set!



Hair Clips


You’ve seen hundreds of these hair clips on the internet by now, right? Well, giant hair clips won’t go out of fashion any time soon. If you are purchasing a gift to someone who has long hair, loves bold statement pieces, and likes to party – these are ideal!




Best Makeup Gift Ideas

A Lipstick Set

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Vault | Holiday Drugstore Makeup Sets You Should Hoard

A lipstick bundle, who wouldn’t love it? Teens and mature women love experimenting and playing with lipsticks. If you know someone who is out of their favorite colors, get them an entire bundle! This is sweet, but also practical.




Eyeshadow Bundle

Huda Beauty Nude Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette You Can't Just Eat One – Musings of a Muse


An eyeshadow bundle or the perfect nude colored eyeshadow palette is a bullet-proof solution! Every woman loves to wear eyeshadow, and most of them stick to simple nudes and shimmer colors. An eyeshadow palette by an amazing brand will make everyone happy and will last for quite some time.




False Lashes

A Peek Inside the House of Lashes® x Sephora Collection Lash Story Deluxe Set - All Things Beautiful XO


Lastly, a bundle of false lashes is for true makeup artists or women who love to play around with different looks. Falsies are very fun and will suit women who are into experimenting with makeup, but also who don’t mind wearing long lashes on a daily.

How Much Money Can You Make Working As A Beauty Therapist/ Salon Owner

A Beauty therapist works in salons and venues across the world. From makeup and threading to manicures and pedicures, they specialise in a range of beautification services for new and existing clients if wondering how much money can you make working as a beauty therapist/ Salon Owner, look no further than the Internet.

The Web features numerous salary guides for prospective and existing beauticians and salon owners. For those with extensive industry experience, they can earn anywhere from £32,000 to well over £50,000 per year. However, this will be based on industry knowledge, along with mastery of all techniques and services. Owners must also have strong networking skills, brand awareness, and recurring business and clientele.

According to industry statistics, self-employed beauticians tend to make less per year than salon owners and full-time employed therapists. This is mainly due to self-employed workers having to double up as account executives as well. With brick and mortar establishments, there will always be daily business even in slow and down times. In fact, salon owners can easily earn well over £100,000 per year if they play their cards right. This, of course, means daily discounts, weekly promotions, and facilitating all client needs in a timely and professional manner.

Staying abreast of all UK market trends is imperative for beauticians, make-up artists, and salon owners as well. Mobile services are also paramount for self-employed as well as regularly employed therapists. In addition, location and access helps determine overall store visibility, leads, and revenue generation on a weekly basis. As always, employees and salons must stay current with the times and improve their businesses at every turn.

Salon owners and beauticians must also offer a range of services for clients. This includes pedicures, manicures, hair-styling, makeup, waxing, and even facial massages. It is imperative to take refresher courses to touch up on skills and implement new industry techniques across the board. This will broaden your horizons and generate more revenue in your careers.

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