How Can I Become a Hairdresser Fast?

Your heart is set on hairdressing, or perhaps you’re keen to begin earning money and you just want to start working as soon as possible!

Hairdressing is a fast-paced industry and trends are constantly changing. Professionals must not only look the part, they have to stay ahead of what’s fashionable and advise clients. Remember, every time a hairdresser styles a customer, they’re creating an “advert” for how good they are at their job. Word of mouth and recommendations is critical in developing a regular client base.

When you’re qualified, you’ll be rushed off your feet!

It’s common knowledge how hard hairdressers work. They’re on their feet all day, there is a constant stream of customers, they need to keep on top of bookings, recommend styles, sell products, remember customers at a personal level and keep abreast of trends – all this as well as making sure the salon is clean and tidy!

Enjoy your training. It’s hugely important and once you’re stood behind your first client with a pair of scissors you need to feel completely confident in your ability to make them look their best.

At CPBA we understand the importance of wanting to qualify quickly. One of our key advantages is that our courses are fast track.

How long does it take to become a qualified hairdresser?

At CPBA a level 2 NVQ in hairdressing can be completed in just 10 weeks. We advise hairdressing students to qualify at level 3 as well, so please check out our combined course, which can be completed in 21 weeks. You will also receive employment support to help find work placements or in setting up your own business.

CPBA offers free employment advice and guidance to their women’s hairdressing learners. We also offer free women’s hairdressing courses and work placements.

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