How Long Is a Level 3 Hairdressing Course?

You’re ready to take your hairdressing career to the next level. You’re great with people, your hands, have excellent attention to detail and are creative! Cutting and colouring hair is what you were born to do, but you want more, you want to learn advanced techniques. Maybe you even have your eyes set on opening your own salon one day?

If you’re ready to go specialist, you’re in the right place.

Level 3 Diploma in Women’s Hairdressing

To complete Level 3 in Women’s Hairdressing you first need to be qualified at Level 2. It’s the natural next step. Level 2 teaches you the basic of hairdressing, level 3 gives you the opportunity to develop your skills and become specialised in a chosen area.

If you haven’t completed level 2, CPBA have the perfect solution: our combination course, the VTCT Level 2+3 Diploma in Women’s Hairdressing

You want to specialise, be fully confident and salon ready. The CPBA Level 3 course is your answer.

How long does it take?

Level 3 sets you ahead of the game. With your focus and determination coupled up with our brilliant tutors, you can become a level 3 hairdresser in as little as seventeen weeks if you do it without level 2. The combination course takes twenty-one weeks.

The CPBA level 3 comes highly recommended, please read our testimonials. 

CPBA offers free employment advice and guidance to their women’s hairdressing learners. We also offer free women’s hairdressing courses and work placements.

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