How Much Can a Barber Make in a Year?

Barbers in the UK can make a decent living, along with hairdressers & nail technicians.

Nowadays thanks to social media these professions have skyrocketed, and their salaries have increased massively over the years.

Here’s how much you can make as a barber in the UK:

Barbers in the UK can make, roughly, around £24,025 per year.

However, some key factors will play a major rule in determining your salary, and those are:

  • Your training level
  • Your skills
  • How many years you’ve worked in this field
  • Your reputation

The higher the education level, the pricier your services can be!

Usually, junior barbers can make around £40-£60 per day. You will also get £20 in tips. However, a professional barber can earn up to £1000 per week!

Barbers can also profit from selling hair products that are available at a salon. If you are a salon owner you can probably work under your own rules. On the other hand, freelancing barbers will have to make a deal with their superior if they wish to be paid per hour, or per commission.

In the end, you should work 5-6 days a week anywhere from 6-10 hours. With this schedule, you can easily earn £18,000 to £24,000 in a year!

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