How To Do Holiday Hairstyles?

Not too sure what hairstyle to wear for Christmas Eve, or for the NYE party? We will be seeing a lot of interesting and unique hairdos for the month of December. If you want to find your inspiration, and you want to find out how to achieve some of the most memorable and stylish looks, we will present 6 different styles in this article!

  1. Curly Hair With Clips

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Women who have naturally curly hair and who like their texture don’t have to do a lot. Let your curls shine and stand out on their own, but try and incorporate some golden or silver jewelry to make the look pop, as well as golden or silver clips.

How to do it?


Blow-dry your hair with a diffuser. Use your favorite curl cream and apply it evenly over your hair. Use 2-3 silver or golden hair-clips and place them on the sides. Also, pair these clips along with your favorite same-colored earrings to get the full formal vibe.

  1. Straight Middle Part

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Women who have naturally sleek, long and straight hair can rock this look even for the NYE. If you are not a fan of dramatic or harder to maintain looks, this one will suit you. It is appropriate for the office, parties, as well as both younger and more mature ladies.

How to do it?

Make sure you straighten your hair with your trustworthy flat iron. Don’t use the highest heat since you can damage your strands. Once it is all straight, use hairspray to set the strands in place, and to get rid of any baby hairs. Brush the hair out with a small comb and achieve a sleek look.




  1. Slicked Back And Wet

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Wet hair has been super trendy during this entire year. This hairstyle is usually worn by supermodels, younger women, as well as those who have longer hair. If you are a fan of glossy hairdo, you will love this trend!

How to do it?

Blowdry your hair straight, but make sure you use a lot of nourishing oil. Work section by section, and once completely straight and blow-dried, push your strands back with hairspray. This will make your hair stay in place throughout the entire night!





  1. Deep Side Part

Bridal hair comb Bridal pearl headpiece Bridal floral hair piece Wedding hair comb Wedding headpiece

A deep side part haircut is for women who love asymmetrical cuts, or for those who have more volume on one side. This cut is also perfect if you are into low-maintenance hairstyles, as well as hairdos that will survive dancing and partying on the NYE!

How to do it?

You can spice up the design a little by sticking with jewelry on top, or with giant clips. Make sure you brush your hair out and push it to one side that you prefer. Use 2-3 clips to set the strands in place, and go for silver or icy white colors, they are perfect for this time of the year.




5. A French Twist

Women who need something a bit more formal, as well as business and office-friendly will like a french twist. This hairstyle screams sophistication and usually looks great once paired up with a sequin dress. Luckily, every woman, no matter her hair length, can achieve this cut.

How to do it?

Sweep all of your hair on one side, and use several pins to hold the hair in place. Twist your hair up section at a time till you are left with only some ends that you will tuck into the hairdo. Set it with some hairspray, and you’ll be good to go.




  1. Low Ponytail

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A low ponytail is playful and youthful. Women who are into hairstyles that do not come in contact with their skin a lot will enjoy this stylish pony. It is easy to achieve, and it can be done no matter your hair length!

How to do it?

Brush your hair out and make sure you work at a low angle. Pick your hair up with a simple elastic and wrap your pony in it. You can also do the classic hair-wrap-around trick so that you hide the elastic. Set your hair with a shiny hairspray and you’ll be set for the night.

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