Top 5 Makeup Tips For Teenage Girls

Younger girls or teens can have a hard time trying to express their creativity through makeup. However, all women love to experiment & play around with fashion & makeup tips in their everyday lives. If you love to apply makeup daily, know that our tips will be useful. Makeup is not a ”one size fits all” which is why it is crucial to customize it per your age, skin type & personal preference. Younger women have specific skin which should be nourished & approached differently. So, if you want to maintain the tenderness & a youthful look, you will love some of our tips.

Makeup tips are For Everyone, Just With The Right Application

Makeup isn’t just for hot dates & office wear, nor mature women & brides. Nowadays teens are wearing makeup to school and definitely in college. Teens are quite involved in everything that is happening and are always following the hottest trends while purchasing all the right makeup & skincare products.

If you want to know some makeup tricks which will boost your confidence while not aging you, make sure to read through. Also, try to remember that you don’t have to apply makeup to become someone else. Use it to put your best face forward, and to feel better in your skin.

Top 5 Makeup Tricks For Teens

  1. Your Age

Your skin is probably a lot better than the skin of a 40-year old woman. This is why you won’t need to conceal a lot. Know your limits and only apply makeup as per your age. Also, a dark black smokey eye and a bright red lipstick may look amazing on a runway model, but they may not be an ideal go-to for a teenage girl.

  1. Less Is More

Since your skin is probably normal-oily you won’t need a lot of products. All you could use is a bit of BB or CC cream, or a medium-coverage concealer just to hide some spots. You can apply these products with your fingers and you’ll be left with a radiant, natural & streak-free outcome, perfect for school! Just make sure you don’t apply a hefty amount of setting powder. It can age you, and get into fine lines which you didn’t even know you had.

  1. Use Highlight

Emphasize your prettiest features with a highlight shade. Try to accentuate your cheeks, inner corners, and your brow bone. Add your favorite highlighter by doing tapping motions and apply the product gradually. The best shade is something which is 2-3 shades lighter than your skin tone, and something that is not too beamy on the skin.

  1. High-Quality Products Are Important

You shouldn’t go all-out, especially if you are on a budget. However, what you can do is focus on buying a lot fewer products, but invest in some key pieces. For instance, you can purchase a 3 in 1 base product which can act as an amazing primer, moisturizer & foundation! Being a teen is challenging since you are prone to breakouts, so rather invest in some quality products, especially for your skin & lids.

  1. Learn All Over Again

No one expects you to know everything regarding makeup. It is important to learn as you go, and as you test out new products. Don’t be so hard on yourself if you don’t get it within your first try. Skills are learned through tries & errors, so make sure you have the patience to start over & over again. Lastly, remember to drink a lot of water & eat clean! A proper diet can help your body & skin, so make sure you intake your H20 and stay away from greasy food.

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Top 3 Makeup Tips Which Will Allow You To Get A Slimmer Face

Did you know that you can lose 20 pounds just by using some good makeup tips? Sculpting, shaping & contouring your face are just some of the top tricks which every girl should know how to do.

Also, did you know that women who have round faces tend to look a lot younger? If your face is round your probably have defined cheeks, a rounded chin, as well as overall feminine & attractive features. If this sounds like your face & you are trying to slim it down just remember to do these top 3 tricks.

  1. Define Your Brows

Try to define & draw your brows every day with either a brow pencil or a brow pomade. By doing an angled brow it can actually open up your face & gives it dimension. Fill in your brows and shape them with your favorite brow product. Make sure your brow pencil or pomade is the same color as your hair, or only one shade lighter. It is also vital to add a bit of highlighter underneath the brow to give it some shine. This way the brow which is a dark shadow will look beautiful once placed next to a contrasted lighter color.

  1. Use A Lot Of Bronzer & Contour

Bronzer gives warmth to the skin. It also makes you a bit thinner as well as a lot more radiant. You can apply it to the edges of your face to get a seamless shadow. Apply it in circular motions onto your cheeks, chin & forehead.

Contour-wise, you can use a muted brown or a light gray to bring back dimension. Do the infamous ”3” color placement on the sides of your face (on the outer part of your forehead, over your cheeks, and below your jaw). The contour ”sucks” everything in while your bronzer brings back the shine & doesn’t wash you out.

  1. Don’t Forget Your Lips Either

Use either matte or shimmery lipsticks to bring back life & color to your lips. Your lips can also take away the attention from a chubby or round-shaped head. You should use some darker lipsticks such as brown, red, or burgundy because these will emphasize your teeth & your smile.

Apply the product by doing tapping motions just so you are left with the most pigment. Reapply when needed and enjoy your sculpted look!

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How Generation Z Created A Whole New Trend In The Makeup Industry

Makeup Industry Is A Fast-Growing Business Many young people nowadays are finding their inspiration through Instagram or YouTube videos & tutorials. For most of them, their idols are James Charles who has 16 million subscribers. After him comes Jeffree Star with 15 million, and then comes NikkieTutorails with 13 million subscribers. The beauty industry is a fast-growing business. The U.K. beauty & personal care market was valued at £10.2bn in 2018. Usually, women that are in their 16-24 spend 30% more than they used to do a year ago. Nowadays almost everyone is shopping at Morphe or beauty bay, and everyone has access to makeup, which wasn’t the cause 5-10 years ago. If you have some pocket money and access to YouTube, you will probably get inspired to create at one point.

Milly Provenzano is a Gen-Z 16-year-old makeup artist who just can’t stop creating. She loves to create rainbow inspired looks, and she sees true beauty in pretty much everything. Provenzano has several different photographs in her room that inspire her to go onwards. She is also very active on Instagram where she follows all of her makeup industry idols. She says that’s where you can learn a lot from drag queens since they aren’t shy with their work nor appearance. Besides them, she also loves Antoinette Mahr.

When being interviewed and asked by a journalist how she can allow herself to spend several hours every day just to do makeup, Milly responded in a very grown-up way. She said that it’s like comparing someone who loves to do A-level art and asking them why they like to do it. Painting, coloring, doing makeup or drag are in the same line of professions to her. Makeup to her is just like art, but you get to do it on your face.

Milly is trying to do as many colorful and unique looks each day. She says that it is a bit strange being as expressive & creative when you live in a little village in Northamptonshire. She never spots people wearing rainbow-colored eyes, or rocking drag makeup. One day Milly would love to become a makeup artist for fashion shows. She dreams of going to London & Milan. This just proves that Gen-Z does dream quite big.

Makeup Is A Skill

A 17-year old from Manchester Aiman Sheeraz says that makeup is a skill which you need to master. Her favorite & most demanding part is learing how to blend. Aiman got into makeup industry because she used to watch bridal makeup tutorials, but she would also love to see her mom apply makeup. Her mom passed away a couple of months ago, but Aiman continued to do looks on her family members. Soon she started to post them online and that’s when her hobby became her full-time job.

Thus far she noticed that she usually works with two different types of clients. First off there are those who love the hot sculpted trends which have been invented by the Kardashians & Jenners. On the other hand, some people love a softer ”Asian glam”. This look is consistent out of a glowy base, soft skin, beautiful lips & bold eyes.

But It Can Still Get Pretty Colorful

Niamh Dunne is a 19-year old worker from Northamptonshire who finds inspiration in TV shows. The Lion King and Stranger Things are two major inspirations for teens nowadays, where youngsters transform themselves into their favorite characters.

Many people love to critique this and state that they should focus on their careers & school. However, those are usually older generations (and not the open-minded Gen-Z’s) who are not aware of the success and exposure which you can get through Instagram.

The best example is Kylie Jenner who created a billion-dollar industry with her cosmetics line. Did you know that she is on the Forbes list as well? Out of 80 women who were listed & claimed to be self-made rich in the last year, 10 of them came from the skincare & makeup industry.

How Does Makeup Affect Their Self-Image?

Some parents are worried that makeup can have an impact on their children’s appearance & self-esteem. However, Sheeraz is actually almost always bare-faced. Many Gen-Z’s do their makeup only for pictures, photoshoots, and their personal playtime. Not a lot of them walk out wearing Lion King orange & whisker inspired looks.

Makeup Is For Everyone

Nowadays brands like Makeup and Fluide are coming out with a genderless cosmetic set of products. Not only them but legendary brands such as Chanel & Givenchy have also launched the male lines. Boys are definitely not excluded from wearing makeup. One of them is the 17-year-old Matt Tierney.

He confessed in one of his interviews that he tried to get his mom to buy him makeup. He told her that he was off to Halloween party when he was 14. She saw right through him and knew that he wouldn’t wear it only for Halloween, but that soon it would become a full-time thing. Tierney had the confidence to film himself and post his videos online. Nowadays he explores & loves to do makeup. One of his current goals is to get 100k followers on Instagram since he believes that this is a huge accomplishment.

Finding Trustworthy Influencers Is Hard

Many people are questioning decisions & reviews that their favorite influencers do. This is because often things are sponsored and presented in way better light than they are. Luckily in the US, the Federal Trade Commission said that every pair promotion needs to be disclosed by the brand. This is why nowadays you also see that ”paid partnership” section on Instagram.

Some beauty and makeup industry gurus & vloggers get free products which they get to keep. In return, they usually do a 20-second review of the product on their IG story. Sheeraz herself estimates that she had spent around £1,000 on her favorite products thus far. She says that she doesn’t mind investing in her makeup items and that she’d rather be doing this than drinking & partying with her peers.

You Have To Build Your Kit

In order to pursue your dream career you have to invest in it. You are a lot like Picasso where you are using brushes, contour kits, ring lights, and any other much-needed items such as glue & gems for creating some special makeup looks. Teenagers don’t mind expressing their style through makeup, and they don’t think of it as a hobby. It is a way of creating, expressing, and having fun with yourself. The sooner the people around them realize that it isn’t as serious to wear a ”full beat” the sooner they will get to admire their bold looks.

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All The Wedding Make-up Inspiration You’ll Ever Need

Doing bridal or wedding make-up is often stressful since every bride is different. Some want to accentuate their cheekbones while others are all about a bold red lip. Here are the top 6 bridal looks which you should know about, ideal for every bride and her preference.

  1. Subtle Peach
wedding make-up

For who: women who want only a pop of color.

How it’s done: Glass like skin followed with loads of peachy shimmery tones. Women who have fair skin and flawless complexion will look amazing with some coral blush, soft shadow, and a muted matte peach lipstick.

  1. Loads Of Gold
cpba wedding make-up course

For who: women with olive complexion.

How it’s done: Emphasize the eyes by going for brown in the crease and gold on the lid. Several coats of mascara will round up this look. This look is the prettiest once paired up with a glossy nude.

  1. Smokey Eye
government funded beauty courses

For who: women who love bold makeup often use it as their Wedding Make-up.

How it’s done: Black smokey eye is done with dark shadows and false lashes. Women who have blue eyes will love a black smokey eye for their wedding. Skin is contoured heavily and lips are colored nude.

  1. Natural
makeup make-up

For who: women who prefer subtle makeup, ideal for those with sensitive skin.

How it’s done: a natural makeup look is all about accentuating your natural features. The brows are combed through, lips & cheeks are tinted with the same balm, and there is only one layer of mascara. Everything is soft & glowy, ideal for mature skin as well.

  1. Porcelain Skin
make-up courses

For who: women who love glowy skin.

How it’s done: the entire look screams spa-like skin. The goal is to prep the skin, use liquid & powder highlighter, as well as medium coverage foundation. The lips are soft and so are the eyes, while the body is hydrated & glowy, just like the face.

  1. Bold Lip

For who: women who love dark luscious lips.

How it’s done: after the foundation is set and the eyes are done it’s time to emphasize the lips. Bright red, dark plum or brown lipstick should be applied evenly & gradually. It is imperative for you to use a lip pencil to fill out the corners and get a defined look.

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How Much Money Can You Make Working As A Make-up Artist/ Salon Owner

Hairstylists are always in demand across the UK. From the holidays to everyday grooming and social events, these professionals truly help people look and feel like a million bucks. From trimming and extensions to highlights and cuts, local stylists offer a range of services for new and existing clients. If wondering how much money can you make working as a Hairdresser/ Salon Owner, it all depends on your experience level and desire to work hard and stay competitively viable.

Mobile hairdressers are always in great demand across the UK. In fact, these experts can easily earn well over £35 per hour or session. The same also goes for employees or self-employed stylists working on contract at local salons and beauty parlours. Not only do they get paid twice a month, they can also generate additional revenue by taking their services on the road. On average, these professionals can earn anywhere between £50,000 and £70,000 per year if they play their cards right.

Salon owners can earn well over £100,000 per year in profits alone. However, it depends on how well their hair salon is marketed on and off the Web. As always, social media and mobile marketing is a must when it comes to advertising your products, services, and weekly discounts and specials. You also need the right employees to help take your salon to new heights in this fast-paced and challenging industry.

Earning a strong income also means staying abreast of the latest industry trends and developments. This includes the current hairstyles and fashion, along with the newest hair and beautification products. Most importantly, you must treat all customers like royalty and show them how much you appreciate their business. This will generate word of mouth and a lasting buzz about your hair salon. It also helps increase store visibility, as well as leads and more recurring business and revenue.

From hourly rates and salaries to mobile commissions, there are so many ways to make a great living as a hairdresser and salon owners. Its simply based on how hard you work, as well as your focus level and determination to be the best you can be. One of the best parts of working in this industry is that it is truly recession proof and always in demand.