Top 3 Makeup Tips Which Will Allow You To Get A Slimmer Face

Did you know that you can lose 20 pounds just by using some good makeup tips? Sculpting, shaping & contouring your face are just some of the top tricks which every girl should know how to do.

Also, did you know that women who have round faces tend to look a lot younger? If your face is round your probably have defined cheeks, a rounded chin, as well as overall feminine & attractive features. If this sounds like your face & you are trying to slim it down just remember to do these top 3 tricks.

  1. Define Your Brows

Try to define & draw your brows every day with either a brow pencil or a brow pomade. By doing an angled brow it can actually open up your face & gives it dimension. Fill in your brows and shape them with your favorite brow product. Make sure your brow pencil or pomade is the same color as your hair, or only one shade lighter. It is also vital to add a bit of highlighter underneath the brow to give it some shine. This way the brow which is a dark shadow will look beautiful once placed next to a contrasted lighter color.

  1. Use A Lot Of Bronzer & Contour

Bronzer gives warmth to the skin. It also makes you a bit thinner as well as a lot more radiant. You can apply it to the edges of your face to get a seamless shadow. Apply it in circular motions onto your cheeks, chin & forehead.

Contour-wise, you can use a muted brown or a light gray to bring back dimension. Do the infamous ”3” color placement on the sides of your face (on the outer part of your forehead, over your cheeks, and below your jaw). The contour ”sucks” everything in while your bronzer brings back the shine & doesn’t wash you out.

  1. Don’t Forget Your Lips Either

Use either matte or shimmery lipsticks to bring back life & color to your lips. Your lips can also take away the attention from a chubby or round-shaped head. You should use some darker lipsticks such as brown, red, or burgundy because these will emphasize your teeth & your smile.

Apply the product by doing tapping motions just so you are left with the most pigment. Reapply when needed and enjoy your sculpted look!

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