Top 6 Misconceptions About Nails Which Your Client Will Definitely Ask About

Women love to talk to their nail artists and nail techs during the 60-90 minute session. Getting gels, manicures, acrylics or pedicures can be time-consuming, which is why girls love to talk during their appointment. Some talk about their personal problems, while others have interesting comments or questions regarding nails. There are many different myths and misconceptions about manicures and nail treatments. We are here to debunk all of them, and give you answers! Keep on reading!


Top 6 Common Misconecaptions About Nails 


  1. A Set Of Fake Nails Will Ruin Natural Nails

No fake nails can ruin your natural nails. However, some habits that people do can make an impact. Nail enhancements are applied to your natural nail, as you probably know by now. However, the product does not penetrate the lunula (the moon of the nail). You are always growing new nails, and you can’t damage your new grown-in part so quickly. What can ruin your nails is a fungi infection, improper care, biting habits, as well as lifting and taking off the product on your own.


  1. Acrylics Are Hazardous

A lot of people believe that acrylic nails are hazardous because they have a strong odor that can leech into your bloodstream. However, this is far from the truth. The chemicals can have a scent, this depends on the type that your nail artist is using. However, the person who is more in trouble is the nail tech, since they are constantly inhaling nail particles. This is why you see them wearing masks, filters, and using ventilation when at the salon.


  1. You Should Get Gel Nails Since They Are Better For You

Some believe that gels are way better than powder or acrylic nails. You can experiment with different kinds of gel polishes, nowadays there are many different kinds on the market. However, all of these are pretty similar to acrylics since they come from the same family. On the other hand, some nail artists believe that gels are way trickier to remove than the acrylics. The removal process can be a bit more complicated as well as painful than with the acrylics.


  1. Your Nail Plate Will Grow Thinner

You’ve probably heard your mom say this a thousand times before, right? This is just something that older generations can’t seem to shake off. However, your nail matrix (moon) will determine the nail thickness. As you know it by now, the nail bed is made with keratin cells, which need protein-based foods to grow thicker, larger & stronger. This means that proper nutrition can determine the length as well as the thickness of your nails. Nothing else.


  1. Your Nails Can’t Breathe

By adding artificial layers on top of your natural ones, your nails will be a lot softer, weaker, and they won’t be able to breathe? Here’s some news for you: nails can’t breathe in the first place! Every nail plate you have is made with 100 layers of dead keratin cells! It can take up to 3-6 months for your nails to fully grow out, which means that allowing your nail to rest or breathe won’t do much since this is a slow process.


  1. You Can Get Fungal Infections

Fungal infections are linked to bacteria that you pick up underneath your nails. If you work with messy products, you forget to clean your tools, and you bite your nails – you are in trouble of getting a fungal infection. The actual nail application has nothing to do with the irritation of your nails. As long as your nail artist has used clean and sterile tools (and both of you have washed your hands) you will avoid infections and bacteria.

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