What Is The Highest Qualification In Hairdressing?

Perhaps you have made the decision or are interested in the idea of teaching hairdressing. It’s a wonderful line of work within the beauty industry that is highly rewarding.

Why should you think about teaching hairdressing?

If you’re thinking of teaching hairdressing then you’ll need to get salon experience under your belt. The more practise you have, the higher standard of your teaching. You want to be able to answer all the questions to the best of your abilities and also be able to spot a student’s strengths and weaknesses in order to guide them.

So you’re qualified in hairdressing and have experience, why else would you teach?

Teaching brings the perfect opportunity for you to share your skills and talents. It is highly rewarding because you support students onto the first step of their career ladder. Jobs are hugely important and the role of a good teacher is insurmountable in the influence on a student’s life. 

What qualifications do you need to teach hairdressing?

To be able to teach, you will need a level 2 + 3 in all the technical aspects of hairdressing as well as experience in a salon. After this, you would go on to study for qualifications in education and training at level 3 and there are also teaching courses to complete at level 4 + 5 depending on the level of hairdressing you want to teach.

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