This course is designed to help learners to acquire the necessary practical and theoretical skills to become a freelance hairdresser or work in a salon

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Only one full day and one half day a week for 21 weeks
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About the course

Who is this course for?

The Level 2+3 Diploma in Women’s Hairdressing is designed to provide learners with a 21 weeks course in which they will learn the necessary practical and theoretical skills to become a freelance hairdresser or work in a salon.

A good understanding of English is essential.

The VTCT Level 3 Diploma is an internationally recognised qualification. It is based on the Hairdressing National Occupation Standards and is recognised by the UK’s leading hairdressing professional association (The Hairdressing Council).

What will I learn?

Through this unit you will develop the ability to provide an effective consultation and advisory service for your clients. Being able to identify the capability of your clients’ hair will allow you to make recommendations based on questioning, observation and test results.
You will learn how to deal with influencing factors like the client’s previous history of their hair, contra-indications, skin and scalp disorders, their lifestyle, and commitment to the service and cost involved, which all impact on the services you suggest.
The aim of this unit is to increase your understanding of health and safety and its importance in the salon in which you work.
You will develop the ability to carry out a simple risk analysis, recognise a hazard, responsibly deal with the hazards you have found and follow safe and hygienic working practices.
You will also need to be able to locate fire-fighting equipment, first aid resources and have an awareness of fire, emergency and evacuation procedures.
The aim of this unit is to develop your skills to create a variety of basic looks for women using club cutting, freehand and scissor-over-comb techniques. Using these cutting techniques, you will demonstrate that you can produce one length hair cuts (for both above and below shoulder length), uniform layers, and short and long graduation haircuts. You must also demonstrate that you can work on both curly and straight hair.
Part of this service is to provide your client with good aftercare advice.
Through this unit you will develop your skills in a supervisory role focusing on health and safety within your salon.
You will recognise salon hazards, carry out risk assessments and then implement the necessary actions. You will monitor and support your colleagues to ensure your salon complies with health and safety requirements. You will implement and supervise salon procedures for all aspects of salon safety and security including the need for insurance.
The aim of this unit is to develop your skills in supporting colleagues through client analysis. You will learn how to recognise the level of support required by both experienced and inexperienced colleagues.
You will use your personal client consultation skills to assist in the following areas: the use of effective communication techniques, how to recognise hair, skin and scalp disorders, when to use a range of hair tests, knowing when to refer conditions to professionals and how to maintain up-to-date client records whilst maintaining client confidentiality.
The aim of this unit is to develop your creative skills to advanced level to combine, adapt and personalise a range of colouring and lightening techniques to achieve a variety of fashion effects that complement a style. You will develop the ability to identify the appropriate product, technique and corrective action to satisfy your client’s needs.
Part of this service is to provide your client with good aftercare advice.
The aim of this unit is to develop your cutting skills to an advanced level, to enable you to create a personalised and individual look for your clients.
You must demonstrate that you can work on wet, dry, curly and straight hair using a variety of advanced cutting and texturising techniques, in a way that enhances your clients’ personal image.
Part of this service is to provide your clients with good aftercare advice.
The aim of this unit is to develop your skills to use a variety of conventional and non-conventional dressing techniques to produce innovative, fashionable and creative looks for your clientele.
You will develop the ability to combine and adapt a variety of styling and finishing methods, including the use of ornamentation, to produce individual finished effects.
Part of this service is to provide your client with good aftercare advice.
This unit will help you to develop your skills and knowledge in the products and services you use and sell. Working through this unit will help develop your skills in techniques for effective communication with your clients, interpreting buying signals, managing client expectations, introducing new products and services, describing the features and benefits and learning how to close a sale.
This unit is about keeping pace with new developments and encouraging your clients to take an interest in them.
The aim of this unit is to develop your knowledge and understanding of how to maintaining your own health and wellbeing.
This will include setting a personal action plan, having clear goals, regular monitoring, reviewing activities, evaluating your progress and updating your action plan. This is a continuous cycle for monitoring your eating, lifestyle, exercise and weight management.
It is the aim of this unit to develop your planning and creative skills to produce a total look. This unit will take you from the research stage, through planning, and working with a team of colleagues, to creating your image and finally presenting your total look. Evaluation of each stage of the process forms a large part of this unit.

How will I be taught?

You will be taught by professional experts through practical sessions alongside theory in a classroom.

How will I be assessed?

Assessment will be carried out during the course by an assessor observing your practical work. You will also complete written tests and assignments.

All practical work must be carried out on clients which you will be asked to provide.

Is there anything else I need to know?

You will need to purchase a uniform (black CPBA t-shirt – provided, black trousers and black shoes) and a hairdressing kit (includes scissors, dryer, combs, brushes, etc.)

The course fee is


This course can be FUNDED by the government – eligibility criteria applies*.

* You can apply for a 19+ Advanced Learner Loan to cover the cost of your training that you only have to pay back if you earn more than £25,000 a year.
All learners are required to pay a £10 admin fee that they will get back once they completed the course. For full terms and conditions of the funding and eligibility please visit http://www.cpba.co.uk/course-funding-2/

Entry requirements

You must have a keen interest in hairdressing.
No experience is required.
You must be 24 or older.

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About the Tutors

Sharon Marshall
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5 Instructor Rating
12080 Reviews
57897 Students
2 Courses

I teach Level 2 Barbering and L2/3 Hairdressing at CPBA.
The theory, practical and interaction with the learners are the things I enjoy the most about teaching.
My area of expertise is Cutting.
The reason I decided to go into education is that I wanted to expand my capabilities and share my knowledge.
In my spare time I like to socialise with friends.
My favourite treatment to have is having my nails painted, as I always get complements on the size and shape of my nails.
Lisia Elliott
Further Info

5 Instructor Rating
12080 Reviews
57897 Students
2 Courses

I teach L2 Beauty and L2+3 Hairdressing here at CPBA.
I enjoy seeing the learners grow.
My area of expertise is Hairdressing.
In my spare time I like spending quality time with my friends.
Creating a completely new look for people is what I enjoy the most about the beauty industry.
Manjola Dora
Further Info

5 Instructor Rating
12080 Reviews
57897 Students
2 Courses

I teach L2+3 Hairdressing here at CPBA.
I am a very active person and I love interacting with the learners and sharing my knowledge with them.
My area of expertise is Colour correction.
In my spare time I like to stay with my family and spend quality time together.


Patrycja B.

I completed a L3 hair qualification with CPBA. I really liked the practical side of my training my tutor was really helpful.

Renata G.

I learned lots of new things in the course and our tutor was really friendly.

Rima V.
Paula W.

I got sick at the beginning of the course and the tutor did a great job getting me up to speed and she was extremely supportive until I finished. Now I can get a good job in the industry which I could only dream about in the past.

Judita P.

The teacher was good and the course time was perfect for me.

Ana-Maria A.
Beatrice Elena S.

My teacher had vast experience.

Filiz N.
Asfa R.

Very happy with the course and CPBA.

Ilona B.
Olga G.
Elena P.

The skills I learned gave me confidence to get a job in the industry.

Gemma C.

Georgie covered everything we needed & was very supportive.

Aleksandrina D.


Florina B.

This course helped me to find a job in a salon.

Sutharsana G.
Milioara L.
Kanna D.

Manjola was an excellent teacher. Everything was explained in depth.

Maria G.
Natasa V.
Atidzhe B.

The level of the training was excellent.

Adina M. P.
Tsvetanka Y.
Alina C.
Viktoria B.
Beatrice Elena S.
Busuioc M.
Ancuta T.

Very supporting tutor, great atmosphere.

Desislava D.
Svetlana B.
Loredana P.

Our tutor was strict and creative with teaching, which was very good but also funny and friendly.

Mariana D.

My teacher Manjola did a very good job.

Stefka N.
Sorina A.
Filiz N.

Both my teachers were amazing. I learned allot. I’m so happy.

Wendy S.
Dana M.
Ayaan H.

The course was sufficient and informative. We have been provided help at any moment we had difficulties.

Natasha S.
Daniela Elena H.

I learned all the fundamental techniques which enabled me to work in a salon.

Kitti O.

My tutor explained everything very well. I’m confident in cutting and colouring.

Ana Maria M.

I learned a lot of new things about hairdressing. Our tutor was great in explaining things and I got a new job in the hair industry after I finished.

Klara Ban-V.
Natalija S.
Saima T.

The colouring techniques I loved the most.

Otilia-Maria T.

Very good tutor

Ionita M.

My tutor was very helpful. She paid attention to each of us in the class and explained things many times if needed.

Tamasila F.

I met different kind of people and we became friends. I learnt a lot of things which I didn’t know about hair.

Gurpreet K.

Everything was excellent.

Asfa R.
Julia F.

Really good teaching!