IAG Information Advice and Guidance


CPBA have a vision for our learners of ‘Dream, Learn, Succeed’ which would be achieved through embedded IAG throughout the learner journey,from enrolment right up to progression on from CPBA services.

Effective IAG is essential for enabling individuals to take responsibility for their life choices and progress in learning and work. It is critical that CPBA staff give good careers advice if they are to help our learners raise their aspirations and fulfil the opportunities available to them.

CPBA is committed to ensuring that everyone who accesses our services are supported in making informed choices that may impact on their future career and life style opportunities.

Our IAG Mission

Information, Advice and Guidance Policy

It is the policy of Candor Professional Beauty Academy(CPBA)to ensure that all learners and prospective learners have access to accurate high quality impartial Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) to enable them to make informed decisions, to achieve their full potential and succeed in life.

It is CPBA’s policy to deliver our service in accordance with the nationally recognised matrix quality standard (www.matrixstandard.com) and we adhereto our principles which include:

In conjunction with these principles, our aim is to ensure that:

We are committed to providing a confidential service to our customers andrespect that: