Zero Tolerance Statement

At CPBA, we believe all our community – our students, staff, Council members and visitors – have the right to study, work and live in an environment free from all prejudice and abuse. The Academy considers all forms of diversity a positive and enriching experience to be celebrated. We are therefore committed to a strict zero-tolerance policy on any discrimination, harassment or bullying regarding sexual conduct, race, sex, disability, gender, age, sexual orientation, beliefs and socio-economic background.

We actively uphold the right of every individual and group within our community to be treated with dignity and respect. We believe everyone should be treated equitably. This means we fully support and encourage anyone who is experiencing/has experienced, or has witnessed, any form of discrimination, harassment or bullying to come forward and tell us and to receive support and advice; no act is considered too small to be addressed. Additionally, we promote in-house training to ensure staff and students are confident about how reporting works and how to seek support.

We take all such allegations seriously and will investigate thoroughly to ensure any such behaviour is challenged and that any appropriate actions are taken, including suspension, withdrawal, and dismissal, to ensure the security and comfort of our community and their environment.

We are openly committed to creating a secure, welcoming, and friendly environment, free from all racism, sexism, sexual misconduct, violence, bullying, and any form of sexual, physical, verbal or emotional abuse.