Social Media Marketing course

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You will learn commercial marketing in social media, from building your personal brand to working for a large business

Training duration

Week course
Classes per week
Practical lessons
2 hours each

You will learn to

1. Do micro dermabrasion
Renew overall skin tone and texture. This type of skin rejuvenation is used to treat light scarring, discolouration, sun damage and stretch marks.
2. Relax with massage
Relax and relieve tension in the body with the Swedish massage technique.
3. Understand treatments
Treat cellulite, poor muscle tone, improve circulation and improve skin texture with electrotherapy treatments such as galvanic, EMS, microcurrent and lymphatic drainage equipment.
4. Work with clients
Build a professional and genuine relationship with your client using confidence tips to fulfil client consultations, and handle complaints whilst creating a comforting client-focused atmosphere. Maintain a safe and hygienic working practice. Run a business and use effective communication to ensure all members of the salon are achieving set targets.

Course Programme

Learning through work experience

1. Carry out activities in the workplace
2. Prepare for learning in the workplace
3. Identify what has been learnt from the workplace experience

Employability Mindset

1. Understanding mindset

Work Awareness

1. Understanding your customers
2. Understanding motivation
3. Dealing with your first days at work
4. Business and customer awareness

Self-improvement and Personal Effectiveness for Work

1. Setting yourself targets
2. Managing your time
3. Handling information at work
4. How to keep improving
5. Presenting information
6. Developing assertiveness
7. Introduction to independence

Problems and Solutions

1. Problem solving at work
2. Creative thinking
3. Coping with change
4. Taking part in a project
5. ICT for employment

Taking Responsibility

1. Identifying processes and procedures at work
2. Following instructions
3. Understanding personal finance
4. Tackling number problems

Working with Others

1. Working in a team
2. Working with colleagues
3. Being managed by others
4. Using social media in the workplace
5. Using online collaborative workplace tools
6. Using telephones in the workplace
7. Understanding conflict at work
8. Meetings in the workplace

Preparing for Work

1. Job and training search skills
2. Job application skills
3. Interview skills
4. Writing a CV
5. Being safe and healthy at work
6. Health and well-being in the workplace
7. Disclosing an offence

Cluster C (optional units)

1. Working with colleagues
2. ICT for employment
3. Job search skills
4. Dealing with your first days at work
5. Following instructions
6. How to keep improving
7. Working in the community as a volunteer

Participate in virtual classes or watch the recorded sessions
Ask questions and chat with a live expert
Your lecturer will answer your questions personally
100% interactive course
Study materials
We provide our learners with resources and recorded lessons. Keep them to refresh your knowledge whenever you need to.

Course schedule

7-9 p.m.
Tues, Thurs
8 weeks
Virtual Training with recording

Your teacher

Sam Onalo
Blockchain Security Infrastructure Architect

I am a network and information security researcher/academic specializing in decentralized ledger technology for security and interested in the development of a secure web 3.0. I have worked and carried out research and development in conjunction with various organizations and have several academic publications on novel security architecture development and I have been in this industry for over 4 years.

Are you interested in Cyber Security but aren’t sure where to begin? This course is perfect for you! You would be introduced to the fundamental concepts and principles of Cyber security and exposed to its relevance in this digital age, equipping you with the necessary tools and skills which you need to navigate the complex and vast topics involved in Cyber Security in order to discover the various job roles within and
find your area of interest for your next endeavour.

The course will be suitable if:

You want to change your job
After the course you can work in a commercial beauty salon, in your own retail concession area in a larger department store, or on a cruise ship.
You want to improve your practical skills
If you have been working in the field of beauty for a long time, the course will help you replenish your skills and portfolio, and increase the number of new and interesting orders. You can also improve your professional skills and find new orders.
You want to develop your own business
You can start your own business and be independent, go self-employed, be mobile, or work as a home-based beauty therapist.
You want new experience
If you are excited by the beauty field, and dream of being a part of it, this course is for you. You will find new sources of inspiration for yourself, learn how to use tools, and turn your hobby into a profession.

How are classes delivered?

The eLearning platform
As soon as your course starts you’ll get access to the educational platform where you will find your study materials. You will also be able to communicate with your tutor and other learners in your class.
The eLearning platform
As soon as your course starts you’ll get access to the educational platform where you will find your study materials. You will also be able to communicate with your tutor and other learners in your class.
The eLearning platform
As soon as your course starts you’ll get access to the educational platform where you will find your study materials. You will also be able to communicate with your tutor and other learners in your class.
The eLearning platform
As soon as your course starts you’ll get access to the educational platform where you will find your study materials. You will also be able to communicate with your tutor and other learners in your class.

Study and earn

You don’t need to wait until the course is over. You can start earning during the course and increase your income.
Vacancies are open in UK
Vacancies are open in UK
Be self-employed: check some rates for freelancers
Swedish body massage from £49
Ladies waxing from £29
Back, neck and shoulder massage from £888

Course fee

if you match criteria
Government funding is available for L3 qualifications through Student Finance.
To cover the course cost you can apply for a 19+ Advanced Learner Loan:
  • Loan eligibility does not depend on your income and there are no credit checks.
  • You must have a National Insurance number in order to get the loan.
  • It is not a problem if you already have a loan used for another training or if you want to do more than one course in the future as you can apply for up to four advanced learner loans.
The total cost of the course is £3,345 but you may be eligible for funding.


Job opportunities
510 vacancies were scanned on based on the current market demand to create this course. We guarantee that your skills are up to date.
There is no doubt that the CPBA is an excellent place to study. You’ll be able to boost your career and raise your salary by learning skills from the CPBA courses.
John Mcgregor
Skills Recruitment
of our learners were able to find a new job or increase their income within 6 months after the course
Personal certificate
A Personal Certificate will be presented to you after you have completed the course.
Your CV right after the course
Key competences:
  • Analysing a target audience of the brand
  • Building a brand awareness strategy on social media
  • Developing a content plan for social media
  • Writing high conversion / selling texts
  • Composing advertising messages for each audience segment
  • Building brand communication strategies
  • Managing advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok


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Courses for 4, 5 and 8 weeks are delivered online via the ICS eLearning platform and interactive Zoom sessions. Level 3-4 courses have a blended model delivery: it means you will have in-class sessions for practical modules and online sessions for the theory.
Once you are enrolled on the programme, you can access lessons and study materials on the ICS eLearning platform. To login into your Zoom session, use the links available inside the lesson block.
During live sessions with a teacher, you will practise your new skills remotely. You can get feedback about your home assignments during and between lessons.

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