Equality and Diversity Policy


1. The Academy is committed to providing an environment free from discrimination, bullying, harassment or victimisation, where all members of its community are treated with respect and dignity. It aims to create a culture of diversity within its community, providing a dynamic working and learning environment, where all members are valued for their contribution and individuality.

2. We are committed to providing equality of opportunity for all, irrespective of:

  1. Age
  2. Disability
  3. Ethnicity (including race, colour and nationality)
  4. Gender (including gender reassignment, marital status, pregnancy or maternity)
  5. Religion, belief
  6. Sexual orientation (including civil partnership status)
    1. Scope

      The Academy is an organisation operating in a local context.

      The policy is applicable to all staff, students (including apprentices) and applicants. The principles of non- discrimination and equality of opportunity also apply to the way in which staff and students should treat each other, visitors, contractors, service providers, suppliers, former staff and students and any other persons associated with the functions of the Academy.

      We will work to ensure that all of our students, employees and visitors, as well as those who seek to apply to work or study with us or who have previously worked or studied with us, are treated fairly and are not subjected to unlawful discrimination by the Academy.


      The Academy’s aim is to promote equality of opportunity for all, through the following objectives:

      1. Mainstreaming equality into the Academy’s strategic and planning agenda;
      2. Complying with its legal obligations;
      3. Having an effective data monitoring and analysis process that supports this policy;
      4. Assessing the impact on equality in our policies, procedures and practices at the Academy;
      5. Involving staff, students and other stakeholders in the development and delivery of our equality objectives;
      6. Ensuring that managers and staff undergo appropriate equality training for their role;
      7. Promoting equality and diversity through internal and external communications;
      8. Ensuring staff and student support services are, as far as reasonably possible, accessible to all;
      9. Ensuring that both existing staff and students, as well as those who seek to apply to work or study with us, are treated fairly and that individuals are judged solely on merit and by reference to their skills, abilities, qualifications, aptitude and potential;
      10. Ensuring that all contractors and service providers operating on behalf of the Academy are aware of this policy and expected to adhere to it.


      The Academy as a whole, shares responsibility for the successful application of this policy, whilst specific responsibility falls on managers and advisors who are professionally involved in staff and student support, development and supervision.

      The Academy will seek to ensure that all policies and procedures (e.g. recruitment and selection procedures for staff and apprentices) are non-discriminatory, and that the monitoring and positive action processes are regularly reviewed and monitored.

      The Academy will seek to ensure that all staff and students have equal access to the full range of institutional facilities and that adjustments to working and learning practices are considered wherever reasonably possible in order to accommodate a more diverse community. All staff must complete Equality and Diversity training on joining the Academy. Additional bespoke equality training is organised or made available to staff at all levels within the Academy. All staff involved in recruitment and selection attend recruitment and selection courses.

      Any staff member or student who believes that he/she may have been the victim of discrimination, bullying, harassment or victimisation shall have full right of protection. The Academy is committed to finding resolution for complaints under this policy.

      Role and Responsibilities

      1. Staff and students have a responsibility to:

      1. Understand this policy and to contact their manager or advisor if there are any questions;
      2. Challenge inappropriate behaviour or any discrimination;
      3. Report unacceptable behaviour in accordance with the policy

      2. Managers and tutors have a responsibility to:

      1. Set a good example by treating all members of the Academy with dignity and respect;
      2. Correct unacceptable behaviour;
      3. Ensure staff and students know how to report discrimination, bullying and harassment. Ensure that reporting incidents does not result in victimisation;
      4. Deal with complaints fairly, thoroughly, quickly and confidentially;
      5. Ensure that due consideration is given to equality and diversity within their sphere of influence.

      3. Apprentices as key stakeholders also have a role and responsibility to comply with policies:

      1. Apprentices should be made aware of The Academy’s ethos and policies at induction, through publicity and events, and through the embedding of EDI in teaching and learning.
      2. Apprentices should make every effort to understand and support the Academy’s single equality scheme. They should treat all other apprentices, staff, and visitors with respect and dignity.
      3. Apprentices must show respect for other people’s cultural traditions and religious beliefs and participate in initiatives designed to promote good relations.
      4. Apprentices should report any incidents of discrimination, harassment, or bullying using the Academy’s anti-bullying and harassment and complaints procedures.


      Any cases of harassment, discrimination, bullying or victimisation will be taken very seriously by the Academy. Any member of staff or students found guilty of unlawful discrimination or harassment will be subject to disciplinary action, including where appropriate, dismissal for gross misconduct.

      Any member of the public, visitor or service provider involved in discrimination or harassment, appropriate or serious action will be taken.
      Staff, students or other parties who make a complaint of discrimination have the right to do so without fear of victimisation and the Academy will make every effort to ensure victimisation does not occur and that any complaints are dealt with promptly and fairly.

      Communicating to Staff, Apprentices and other stakeholders

      Our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion will be highlighted in our prospectus, annual self-assessment report, annual equality information report, and annual financial statement. Our single equality scheme will be published on the Academy website.

      We will seek to ensure that:

      1. Senior leaders, staff, apprentices and employers are aware of our single equality scheme and the action needed for its implementation.
      2. Staff, apprentices and employers are aware of the value placed upon equality of opportunity and that action will be taken in the event of any breach of this scheme.
      3. Senior leaders and staff have access to comprehensive information, which assists them to plan, implement and monitor actions to carry out their responsibilities under this scheme.

      Internal monitoring and auditing

      The Academy’s internal monitoring process is an important way of determining whether measures taken by the Academy to combat harassment, discrimination and victimisation are effective, and plays an important part in ensuring equality and diversity are properly promoted and protected within the Academy.

      Monitoring will take place through the Annual Performance Review (APR) process.

      This policy will be reviewed annually.