Beauty Therapy Apprenticeships: Learning and Training Made Easy

If you are looking for a career in the beauty industry or have already started one, CPBA provides you with the opportunity to apply for a beauty therapy Apprenticeship. From finding new job roles to developing your skills and confidence;or providing you with new, upskilling training if you are already employed, CPBA’s beauty Apprenticeship programme can help you advance your career.

We have a dedicated beauty Apprenticeship programme in the UK that will enable you to kick start your career in an industry that is booming. By the end of the programme, you will achieve better results than you would have from a standard college course, but even better, you will have valuable workplace experience and a weekly wage, which a standard college course doesn’t provide.

CPBA works with employers across the UK. This gives our apprentices the opportunity and flexibility to work in different settings they prefer. Whether it is a salon, nail parlour, spa, or a massage centre, you can pursue your dream role with us.

As an apprentice, your training group will be much smaller, meaning you will have more one-to-one interaction with our expert tutor, who teaches and supports you. Also, you will gain crucial industry knowledge, skills and workplace experience from the frontline of a beauty salon. Ultimately, you will be increasing your employability – both if you have the ambition to work independently; and by working with a potential future employer of the beauty salon or organisation you are training in.

Why Choose CPBA Apprenticeship Programme?

CPBA offers government-funded beauty courses and Apprenticeship programmes to apprentices and students looking to make a career in the beauty industry. We provide both in-house and practical training, conduct workshops, and have partner programmes with employers across the UK. The training is led by industry experts, ensuring that all the students and apprentices remain at the forefront of industry trends and developments.

Our goal is to provide talented individuals with real opportunities, so that they can pursue their dreams and earn a living. We are working continuously to make our Apprenticeship programmes ever more engaging, relevant and providing all the skills you need to develop a sustainable career in the beauty industry. With our expert educators and industry specialists, we promise to make your journey in the IT world a little less complicated.

Don’t forget, an Apprenticeship is a real job with excellent training, giving you a perfect kick-start to your career!

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