Develop your workforce, or take on new apprentices, to meet new demand, and create a loyal, reliable team

As a beauty business owner, you would love to grow your own in-house talent, bringing creativity, ideas, and new energy to your venture. At CPBA, we understand your needs and thus, offer an all-inclusive beauty Apprenticeship to inexperienced salon professionals.

We can help your staff polish their skills to meet the industry standards. A CPBA beauty Apprenticeship covers a wide range of skills, making apprentices’ “salon ready” by the end of their programmes.

You can enrol your new or existing staff for different beauty professional Apprenticeships, including Beauty and Makeup Consultancy, Nail Technician, and Beauty Therapy.

We pride ourselves in starting the brand-new beauty professional Apprenticeship programmes, as we understand that employers want their staff to be prepared when new standards become available.

CPBA’s beauty Apprenticeship includes a full “off-the-job” training package with CPBA, on the job training at your place of work, so that you can train to your standards; and an end-point assessment (EPA), where your staff will be assessed based on their performance. The “off-the-job training will be carried out by our team of experienced trainers, however the final EPA is conducted by an external end point assessment organization.

The duration of the Apprenticeship depends on the prior experience of your workforce and the industry they work in; however it will last a minimum of 12 months (typically 13-15 months).

Upon completion, you can choose to provide your employees with higher-level courses. Since there are numerous roles within the beauty industry, including therapist, spa therapy, salon manager, hairdresser, beauty therapist, and barber, you can invest in your business by upskilling your workforce. The best part is that the government will subsidise at least 95% of the training costs and also offer cash incentives during the pandemic.

Interested in partnering with the UK’s one of the best beauty Apprenticeship providers? Whether you are looking to train new apprentices, or develop the skills of your existing beauty staff, CPBA can help.

Contact us at lynn.r@cpba.co.uk or give us a call at 020 8004 8835 for business inquiry.