Tutor -Level 3 Diploma in Nail Technology

What makes me, me?

I am an optimistic and joyful individual who enjoys finding the positive aspects in all situations. I strive to bring this sense of positivity to my workplace, nurturing a welcoming atmosphere for both my students and colleagues. I am friendly, considerate, and helpful to others. I have the ability to adjust to new circumstances and be flexible in changing situations. I stay true to my commitments and support loved ones through thick and thin. Tell me about your role at CPBA / Trade Academy. What does a typical day look like for you?

Tell me about your role at CPBA. What does a typical day look like for you?

My job role at CPBA is a Teacher/Assessor, Internal Quality Assurer (IQA), and Curriculum Coordinator. As a teacher, I identify the unique learning needs of each student and adapt my teaching methods to cater to diverse learning styles and abilities to ensure all students receive the best possible education. In my role as a coordinator, effective communication with team members and other relevant parties is essential. This encompasses tasks such as composing reports, emails, and conducting presentations. I take on the responsibility of promoting team unity and ensuring that everyone is well-informed about their respective roles and responsibilities. Additionally, I uphold the quality standards and guidelines for our work, conducting necessary quality checks and inspections. I diligently maintain accurate records, oversee documentation, and produce reports to monitor our progress and outcomes. Furthermore, I have the responsibility of enhancing the skills and performance of team members or colleagues through training and development initiatives.

What's the standout highlight of your experience working at CPBA?

My career at CPBA has been a catalyst for my personal growth, leading to the development of essential life skills such as patience, empathy, adaptability, problem- solving and more. During this journey, I transitioned from a teaching role to that of a coordinator, providing support to fellow teachers and assessors as they grow in their roles.

What skills do you bring to the table in your job?

I can adjust my teaching methods to meet the diverse needs of my students effectively and I have a considerable amount of patience to work with students of varying abilities and learning styles, allowing them to progress at their own pace. I believe that paying attention to details is imperative to ensure that nothing is overlooked, especially when coordinating complex tasks. As a coordinator, I recognize that working effectively with teams is essential. My ability to collaborate, delegate tasks, and promote teamwork is crucial in achieving our goals.

When you're not working, what activities or hobbies do you enjoy most?

When you're not working, what activities or hobbies do you enjoy most? I enjoy going to the gym to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Its a great way for me to relieve stress, improve my physical fitness, and set and achieve personal fitness goals. I cherish spending quality time with my friends and family. Whether its going out for coffee, watching movies, or just having a good conversation, being with friends and family brings joy and strengthens our bonds. I value these moments as they provide a sense of connection and support in my life.