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We need someone with your level of expertise and passion to work with us. Your social media presence proves that you’re amazing at what you do

  • Our learners need inspiring trainers like you to help them achieve their dreams Opportunities

1. Some of the Short courses (4 weeks and 8 weeks) we offer – Extreme Nail Shapes and Nail Art, Plaiting and Twisting, Hair Extensions etc.

  • If you could spare 3hrs – 9hrs per week you could teach our learners we will pay between £15 – £20 per hour.
  • You can offer this to your followers. This would be an advantage they would get because they follow you on social media.

2. We can create custom training programmes with you that can be funded by the government. You have a very good understanding of what is required by the industry, we can create the training program that would work for the industry and you can deliver this programme online / at your centre.

  • We can promote your training programme to our huge email list. This would increase your following.

3. Train our diploma and certificate learner on the key practical skills. We will provide you all the guidance you need to provide this training.

4. We are one of the biggest government funded (free course ) training providers in London. You will have a great advantage to be working with us, as you reach more people offering free training.

5. We work with a number of community groups and you will get exposure to these.

Who We Are

  • We’re Candor Professional Beauty Academy – the premier government-funded training provider for Beauty, Hair, Nail, Massage, Make-up, and Barbering since 2016
  • We train over 1,300 learners each year and work with many public colleges to provide outreach programs
  • Working with us means there will always be opportunities for you to grow and succeed in your field

We hope you interested in this, Let’s talk

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