Can a Barber Make 100k?

A lot of people wonder if earning 100k per year is realistic for barbers or hairstylist, as well as hair colourists. An average salary for a barber in the United Kingdom is around £25,000 per year! However, your salary and your monthly pay checks will depend, a lot, on your place of living, as well as the amount of hard work that you put in. Here’s what you should know if you wish to triple your earnings!

Can you do anything to triple your earnings?

Well, you can always charge higher prices and spend a lot more time when at the salon (work overtime). You should work 5-6 days per week and up to 10-12 hours per day in order to reach your 100k goal. Try to stand out when working at the salon, and always work harder than your colleagues.

Another trick that can help you double your earnings is if you end up getting a tip. Did you know that the standard tip amount in the service industry is 15 – 20%? In general, clients will tip 10% even if they thought that the service was bad. You should invest a lot of time, care, thought & process when working with your clients. Stay sweet, nice & chatty since you might end up getting a decent tip, which will further help you reach your 100k goal.

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