Is Barber School Easy?

If you wish to become a barber make sure that you’re ready for all the upcoming challenges! Here are the top 3 facts regarding a barber school and its education system.

  1. It can be time-consuming

Each barber school is different. However, most of them will take around 6+ months to finish. Ask yourself how you’re doing with spare time, and if you can invest a lot of energy & effort into completing these courses. Make sure that you are persistent since otherwise, it could be just a waste of time.

  1. Think about the cost

Some barber schools are pricier than others. People who are on a budget can always get their apprenticeship done. Although it is a time-consuming option, it is the best one money-saving wise!

Lastly, you can always go ahead and finish a fast-paced course. These are quick & easy to follow + you will get your Level 2 certificate afterward.

  1. Ask yourself if you’re willing to learn

Your barber school or your barbering course doesn’t have to be too hard to master. As long as you are persistent and you have a passion for this niche, you will find it quite enjoyable!

On the other hand, if you are not a quick learner and you don’t care about trendy & hot hairdos, you may find this profession boring.

Make sure that you are passionate and eager to learn. If you are, nothing will be too hard for you!

CPBA offers free employment advice and guidance to their barbering learners. They also offer free   barbering courses and work placement

What Qualifications Do I Need to Be a Barber?

Becoming a barber in the UK is not that hard since there are different ways, classes & routes that you can go for. Here’s all that you should know!

  1. Your earnings can vary

An average salary for a barber is anywhere from £14,000 – £25,000 per year. However, qualified barbers and ones that have a higher form of education may earn even more!

  1. You can choose three different routes

You could get into this job through:

  • a college course
  • an apprenticeship

–  working towards this role (some barbering courses) 

  1. What qualifications do you need?
  1. College

If you are off to college you will master it and receive either your Level 2 or Level 3 Diploma in Barbering. Your entry requirements to get into college are:

2 or more GCSEs at grades 9 to 3 (A* to D), or equivalent, for a level 2 course

4 or 5 GCSEs at grades 9 to 4 (A* to C), or equivalent, for a level 3 course

  1.  Apprenticeship

If you wish to work at a barber salon you can ask one of the owners to take you in. An apprenticeship is a free program, and its requirements are:

some GCSEs, usually including English and maths, or equivalent, for an intermediate apprenticeship

5 GCSEs at grades 9 to 4 (A* to C), or equivalent, including English and maths, for an advanced apprenticeship

  1. Finish a fast-paced course

Lastly, you can finish some at-salon as well as online barbering courses. At CPBA when you graduate, you’ll receive an internationally recognised VTCT Level 2 Diploma certificate, recognised by the UK’s leading barbering association (BBA).

CPBA offers free employment advice and guidance to their barbering learners. They also offer free   barbering courses and work placement

Is Doing Hair at Home Illegal?

Due to the Coronavirus, nothing is for certain and the outcomes may vary & depend on the current outbreak situation.

At the moment, hairdressers or barbers cannot work from home, and here’s why!

The government’s social distancing instructions prevent beauticians, nail-care & hair-care professionals from working further.

Doing someone’s hair outside of a salon involves having people who aren’t members of your household enter your home, which means the possibility of spreading the virus, which further means not practicing social distancing.

However, you should stay updated through social media and continue obeying the rules.

Everything can change within a week, so it is not safe to give you proper answers. Also, every country & city is different, so it is hard to give just one clear answer.

Five months ago, hairdressers were allowed to work from home, and no law was stopping them from providing their services as freelance artists.

This may, unfortunately, change in the following 5-month period.

CPBA offers free employment advice and guidance to their barbering learners. They also offer free   barbering courses and work placement

What Are the Benefits of Being a Barber?


Wondering if barbers are blessed with some benefits, and how their everyday life looks like? If you wish to become a barber, here are all the perks that may interest you!

  1. You are your own boss

If you end up opening and running your business you will manage to do everything on your own. Both barbers and hairdressers have the privilege to work at their own pace and preferred working hours. If you are someone who needs flexibility, you will love barbering!

  1. You will get a lot of tips

Did you know that almost every customer will leave you a 20% tip? This applies even to customers that aren’t fully in love with the outcome. You should give them what they’ve asked for and you’ll always walk out with a generous tip!

  1. You can travel

Barbers are often quite flexible and they can travel whenever or wherever they feel like. If you prefer your freedom and you love to do everything under your own rules, you’ll manage just fine!

  1. You are meeting loads of different people every day

Lastly, if you are a chatty person and you are an extrovert, you will love your job! One of its biggest perks is that you get to meet so many new people each day. You can also meet some new friends through your profession, and not a lot of professions are lucky enough to have this.

CPBA offers free employment advice and guidance to their barbering learners. They also offer free   barbering courses and work placement

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Barber Chair?

Did you know that freelancing barbers can rent out barber chairs at someone else’s salon?

On the other hand, you can also rent the chairs (if you are a salon owner) to other barbers, and profit in such a way! Here are all the perks as well as prices when it comes to renting a barber chair:

  1. Two ways to rent it

You can agree to rent your chair in two ways. One is by doing a fixed monthly payment (for an unlimited amount of work and use).

Or you can agree to do a split on all earnings. For example, you could do a 60/40 division.

  1. The price can vary

The price can vary since there are two routes to go for. Do you wish to split the earnings, or do you want to pay a monthly fee? Usually, a weekly rental of a barber chair goes for £250. However, each salon is different, and you will stumble upon different prices in different salons.

  1. Is it the right call for you?

You should do the math and figure out how much money you’re making per week by doing a rental. If you can pay off your chair in 2-3 days of your work, go for it! However, if you don’t have steady customers and you’re struggling to profit, leave this idea aside.

CPBA offers free employment advice and guidance to their barbering learners. They also offer free   barbering courses and work placement

How Much Money Does It Take to Start a Barber Shop?

Planning on opening your own barbershop? This is one of the best professions in 2020, and it is an amazing job for people who love to do transformations. Here’s all that you should know about starting your business!

  1. The education itself can be pricey

You can expect to pay anywhere from £1,000-5,000 for your education. Every school/course is different, so even the training process can be quite pricey.

However (and luckily) there are some government founded options, as well as apprenticeships that can help you save money, and invest it fully towards your barbershop!

  1. The shop will be pricey

Finding the perfect location, renovating it, as well as buying all the furniture can be pricey. Your place of living also plays a huge role since you will pay a lot more for a barbershop in central London than you’d pay in, let’s say, Birmingham. However & realistically, opening a shop will cost you around £160.000 (roughly).

  1. You have to think about everything

Before you invest a lot of money & thought into your shop, make sure that you are well-aware of all the responsibilities that it carries. You will have to think about the following details:

  • Shop rental or purchase price
  • Cost of refurbishment of premises
  • Insurance policy
  • Barber tools and equipment
  • A permit and license
  • Shop inventory
  • Furniture
  • Marketing materials & cost of advertising
  • Cleaning supplies

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Is Barbering a Good Career?

If you wish to become a barber make sure that you are well-aware of its benefits and figure out if this is a good career choice for you. Here are the top 4 facts that you should know about barbering:

  1. This career means being a social person

A lot of barbers can adjust their schedule and work however they like and per their preference. If you are a barber you will, most likely, always stay around dynamic people, and you will enjoy having small chats with others. If you are a social animal, you will enjoy this profession!

  1. You should be creative

Aside from knowing and mastering all the technical skills, a barber should also know how to step out of their comfort zone and embrace some new hairstyles! A creative & bold person will always have a fun time doing client’s cuts.

  1. Your profession is always in-demand

Did you know that your career is expected to grow at a rate of 13% by 2026? This is also a profession that will never go off the radar since people can’t cut their own hairs if they don’t have the right training.

  1. You will make great money

You will make a decent living whether you are a freelancer or a salon-owner. Barbers also get amazing tips and can expect to get around 10-20% tip per service! Also, you can increase your prices as you gain knowledge and as you get to a certain reputation level.

CPBA offers free employment advice and guidance to their barbering learners. They also offer free   barbering work placement

How Much Is a Barber Course?

Each barber course is different when it comes to its price point, and you should look into its specifics before you commit to one. Always read its benefits, as well as what you’ll end up receiving at the end (a certificate, acknowledgment paper, etc). Most places will offer a 12-week training course at a cost of 2500 euros.

However, at CPBA, our course is £1,800! But you can be eligible for free barber course funding!

Why & how?

Well, if you are between the age of 19-23 and this is your first level 2 qualification, you can apply for free funding!

Aside from this, if you are 23 and unemployed or you earn less than £15,736.50 per year, you can apply!

If you do not meet these criteria you may still be eligible for government funding but you may have to pay a £100 registration fee.

You are required to pay an administration fee that will be deducted from your registration fee or kit fee once you start the course.

If you can’t get a fund you will pay £1,800, which is around 2,000 euros (and it is still a lot less than when compared to other places). Once you do the math, you will realize that you pay less than £5 per day for our course, yet the knowledge that you gain from it is eternal!

When you graduate, you’ll receive an internationally recognised VTCT Level 2 Diploma certificate, recognised by the UK’s leading barbering Association (BBA).

How Much Do Barbers Make a Week?

Barbers can make a decent living, but their weekly salary can vary and it truly depends on themselves only. The harder you work, the better your reputation is, and the better your advertisement is – the pricier your services can be. However, here are some of the most common facts regarding barbers and their salaries in the UK.

Junior barbers, after completing their training, can expect to earn anywhere from £40-£60 per day. Usually, they will also have around £20 in tips. If you work a 6-day week you can expect to make around £360 per week.

However, senior barbers can earn double the amount!

Another great perk of working as a hairdresser or as a barber is that you can also make money by selling your hair-care products. Some shops will pay a £2 in commission for each pomade or wax sold. If you are a people person and you know how to convince someone into something, you can profit from this as well!

You can ask for an hourly salary, or you can ask for a split or commission. A shop could share your revenues with you, at say 60/40. This means that for every £10 that you make, you keep £6 and the shop keeps £4. This is great if you work at a busy hair salon where there is a lot of traffic.

CPBA offers free employment advice and guidance to their barbering learners. They also offer free   barbering work placement

How Much Do Barber Schools Cost?

If you want to finish a barbering school just know that you have online & in-class options. Most schools will provide you with courses that take anywhere from 6-12 weeks to master.

Each school is different and you will pay a different price depending on the school that you choose.

You should know that private educational providers also offer longer and more intense courses.

On average, you can expect to pay between £2,000 and £6,000 to complete a barbering course. This may seem like a lot of money to some, but you are guaranteed to earn this money back once you start to work.

However and in some cases, you won’t have to pay for your school. At CPBA, the total cost of the barber course is £1,800 (which is cheaper than at some other academies) and you might be eligible for free funding! How?

Well, if you are between the age of 19-23rd and this is your first level 2 qualification, you can apply.

If you are 23 and unemployed or you earn less than £15,736.50 per year, you should apply.

Barbering courses are a bit cheaper than hairdressing courses since they are not as intense + they are easier to master.

Do Barbers Make Good Money?

You can expect to make a decent living if you are a barber. However, you can always raise your price as time goes on and you master your skills. The higher your education level is and the older you are – the more respect you get and you can bill your expertise! Here are some basic facts regarding the barber’s salary.

Top 4 facts about barbers

  1. Did you know that over 90% of barbers charge their services per hour? Most of them prefer this billing method over a typical monthly salary. You might actually profit better this way.
  2. Barbers are in higher demand than they have been in the last 10 years due to a hotter market, which is great news for all the newbies! Also, a barber is a profession that will never die off since it is needed worldwide and it is a service that men & boys need.
  3. A barber will have some amazing benefits, it doesn’t matter if he is working at a salon or if he is self-employed. You will get discounts on top-notch products, hair-care items, as well as styling tools. This will be quite cost-efficient in the long run.
  4. An average annual salary for a barber, in the UK, is around £24,135. You can always make more or less than this, but your place of living can and will play a huge role. For instance, barbers in London make more money than others elsewhere in the UK.

How Do I Become a Barber in the UK?

Becoming a barber can be a fun experience. However, it can also be pricey. Determine the path that you wish to take, and consider all of your options that are available in the UK.

  1. Private course

A private course will take 1-3 months for you to master. You will get your NVQ qualification, but you will also pay a significant amount of money for these courses. You can expect to pay around £2,000 for your barbering course.

Some providers offer fast track, free, funded barbering courses !

  1. School of barbering

There are several different schools in London that have amazing barbering courses. These are great for people who want to work 1:1 with their teacher and their clients. Prices can vary in these schools, so it is not certain how much you might end up paying for your education.

  1. Apprenticeship

This is the best solution for younger teens and people who are 16-18 years old. An apprenticeship will take 2-3 years to master. You will need to find yourself a hair salon that is willing to educate you and train you every week. A lot of people prefer this option since it is the most affordable one (you don’t have to pay any money).

  1. College

There are different colleges all around the UK that you can choose from. A college education will take 1-2 years for you to complete. Usually, they are free and you will get your NVQ qualification.

Can I Cut Hair Without a License?

A lot of barbers and hairdressers start to cut hair at an early stage and while they’re still in school, at training, or when doing their apprenticeship. This is because they’ve gained the needed knowledge, and they already feel quite comfortable with cutting hair, even without their qualification, or L2 accreditation.

Luckily, barbers & hairdressers do not need a license to cut hair in the UK. This means that you can continue to work on your clients, even if you’re still mastering your course.

However, if you are a business owner and are looking to open hairdressing, hair salon, or barbering business of any kind, then you may need to register your business with the local council. This is in the form of a Hairdresser Licence. If you plan on starting business any time soon, make sure that you look into this and ask your local council for advice.

Lastly, if you are a freelancing artist (hairdresser, barber) and you cut hair at home, you still won’t need a license. You can continue to work at your own pace and not worry a thing about any inconvenience.

Is There a Demand for Barbers?

If you want to become a barber you are in luck since it is one of the best professions at the moment! In fact, did you know that the employment of barbers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists is projected to grow 8 percent from 2018 to 2028?! Keep on reading and find out why is the demand so high!

Why is the demand for barbers high?

You will have a lot more customers and regulars in the upcoming years due to over-population. This means that, as time passes by, you will have more & more new faces at your salon. Also, social norms are changing, which will contribute to the growth and development of your business. Gray hairs are no longer in fashion, and everyone will care about their appearance a lot more than they used to. Youthful appearances are in, and both men and women will care about their looks. You can also thank social platforms for this impeccable growth. No one wants to look miss-represented on social media, and everyone wants to tag themselves at the best barbershop in town!

Also, barbers will be high on demand since nowadays more people are reading & paying close attention to the newspaper, music videos, and beauty blogs. People will want to stay trendy and fashionable, which means that you will always have a business to run! As long as you pay close attention to details and you are good with advertisements, your business will flourish!

CPBA offers free employment advice and guidance to their barbering learners. They also offer free   barbering courses and work placement

Can Anyone Learn to Cut Hair?

If you are thinking about becoming a barber or a hairdresser make sure that you are well-aware of the job position itself. You should have some basic skills and a specific skill set to master the barbering itself. Almost anyone can cut hair, it just takes time, practice & patience to get to the right level. Here’s what you should know:

  1. It is important to train

Ongoing training at your school, academy, or through some online courses is key. You should be patient and willing to learn. No one can learn overnight, but you can make constant trials and errors. As long as you are persistent and you have time to spare & invest in your program, you can become an amazing barber.

  1. You need to be a fashionable & trendy person

Your business will flourish and you will gain knowledge by teaching yourself new haircuts. Make sure that you are willing to experiment and dive into new cuts! A trendy barber follows fashion, he is always in trend, and he is willing to learn new cutting tricks.

  1. Make sure you can stand on your feet the entire day

Almost anyone can become a hairdresser, as long as they are comfortable (literally) with standing on their feet for the entire day. You should have a strong back, good posture, as well as no problem with walking around for the entire day.




Is It Hard to Learn How Do You Cut Hair?

If you wish to cut someone’s hair, make sure that you are well-equipped. Aside from knowledge, a barber should have all the needed professional tools that will help with the maintenance and the upkeep of a specific hairstyle. Here’s how hard it is to learn to cut hair!

Cutting hair is a lot easier nowadays than it was before. This is because there are loads of different platforms where you can teach yourself the needed skills. Nowadays, you can choose to go to a hair-care school, college, you can have the apprenticeship done, or you can go to some at-salon courses. There are also online barbering courses, along with some amazing tutorials on YouTube that go quite in-depth to explain the process. Everyone can learn how to cut hair, but each course is different when it comes to its price and difficulty level.

Aside from its easy accessibility, cutting hair is not a time-consuming task or skill that will take way too much of your spare time. Most barber schools will take 1-6 months to finish. You will learn how to cut hair by working with other professional hairdressers, barbers, and by working on human hair. The process itself is not difficult as long as you have a steady hand and a clear vision!

CPBA offers free employment advice and guidance to their barbering learners. They also offer free   barbering courses and work placement

How Long Does It take to Do a Barber Course?

A barber is a creative person who likes to do different hairstyles on others, and who is familiar with cutting shorter men hairstyles. Wondering what does it take to become one, or how time-consuming it is? Here’s what you should know about barbering courses!

How long does it take to become a barber?

At CPBA, our barber course takes 16 weeks to master! All you have to do is attend one full day and a half day per week at our salon to master all the skills! In most cases and even in some other salons and in other courses, you could end up with your barbering certificate in 2-4 months. Each course is different and it will have its own pace & intensity level. You should be at least 16 years old and you should have a passion for hair!

What will you learn after mastering a barber course?

At the end of your 16-week practice, you will figure out how to cut, style, and shape different hairstyles. You will easily create gradual and uniform layers, fades, and other famous men hairdos.

You will also learn how to blow dry different lengths and textures. For instance, a proper barber will know how to work with curly and frizzy hair.

You will also figure out how to shape & maintain a specific beard & mustache hairstyle with your clients!

Is Becoming a Barber Hard?

If you wish to become the best barber, make sure that you are prepped and willing to learn some new skills! Although the job itself isn’t as challenging, you still need to invest some time in figuring it all out. Here’s all that you should know about becoming a barber!

How much time will it take me to become a barber?

It can take you anywhere from 3 months and up to 3 years. This depends whether you’re doing online classes, some at-salon classes, or if you are still in school, college etc.

What is the hardest part about being a barber?

The learning process isn’t as hard. However, what you might struggle with is self-employment. It is vital to market yourself through social media, and always work extra and overtime (at the beginning) to get noticed! You should also be creative since the job itself is perfect for people who can ”think outside the box”.

Is barbering for you?

If you feel like you’re a people person and you love talking with others, why not give barbering a chance? You should also have passion for hair & beards! Barbers should know how to cut any texture, length, as well as any style. If you are not the best with women’s haircuts, highlights, or formal hairstyles, dive into the barbering world and give it a chance!

CPBA offers free employment advice and guidance to their barbering learners. They also offer free barbering courses and work placement

Is Barbering Easy?

Being a barber is not a challenging task, although it may take some time for you to figure out all the skills. Becoming an excellent barber will take years while mastering the basics can take you anywhere from 3 months to 3 years! This depends on your chosen program/school as well as your skillset. As long as you are persistent, you will easily understand the business, and it won’t be hard for you!

What does a barber do and is it challenging?

A barber is a person who works with men & kids. Their job is not as difficult as the job of a hair colourist, but it still demands the right approach! Every barber should learn the following:

  • The basics regarding human hair and its upkeep, as well as any hair-related allergies
  • Every type of a men’s haircut there is and how to shape it (especially the trendiest cuts)
  • to talk with clients and read their body language
  • Should know how to set boundaries between their clients regarding their personal life
  • You should know about each ingredient that you use in your everyday products and products that are in your salon
  • You should tell all of your tools apart
  • You should be quick and efficient while providing your clients with phenomenal results

CPBA offers free employment advice and guidance to their barbering learners. They also offer free   barbering courses and work placement

What Qualifications Do You Need to Be a Barber?

If you want to become a barber you have to go to either a hairstyling school or you can finish different online & at-salon courses.

To become a barber you will need at least a level 2 qualification in National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) in Barbering accredited by the Vocational Training Charitable Trust (VTCT) in the UK.

There are three different paths and ways that you can follow to become a barber, and those are:

  • You can become a barber by going to private courses that take anywhere from 1-3 months to finish. These courses typically last between 9-12 weeks. With a level 3 certificate, you will be a work-ready Barber, however, with an NVQ Level 2 certificate, you will receive an internationally recognised barbering qualification as well as be a work-ready barber.


  • You can finish the apprenticeship which usually takes between 2 to 3 years to complete and is most common among 16-18-year-olds who have just completed their GCSEs.
  • Lastly, some people can go to a college that is in their hometown that is strictly hair-based and great for teaching you the basics. This college education can take you 1-2 years to complete. All students should be older than the age of 16 and should only go to a university if they have a lot of time to spare, as well as true passion for hair. Why? Because college education will take most of your time & money to complete.

CPBA offers free employment advice and guidance to their barbering learners. They also offer free   barbering courses and work placement