How Much Is a Nail Course?


Nail techs nowadays are quite lucky since they get to choose between several different nail course options! There are in-salon educations 1:1, as well as some online & in-school programs that you can go for. Usually, here’s how much they are!

Most beauty schools or educators will offer you several different course options.

There are different educations for acrylics, dip nails, gels, as well as nail services (manicures, pedicures).

It is important to outline that you can’t learn about acrylics or other more complicated manicures and treatments (such as fiberglass & silk nails) until you’ve mastered the basics like gel polishes. The step-by-step approach is the most important, so make sure you do your research before committing to one practice in particular.

What qualifications are there and what are their prices?

Usually, your level 2 NVQ diploma can run anywhere from £500 – 2,000. During this education, you will learn the basics regarding nail art, gel nails, and you will maintain hygienic workspace.

At CPBA, the level 3 diploma in nail technology is £3,345 but you may be eligible for funding if. This course is for people who want to do creative designs, build strong gel nails, use electric nail files, and you will upgrade your pedicures and manicures.

CPBA offers free employment advice and guidance to their nail technician learners. They also offer free   nail courses and work placement

Why is Beauty Industry Booming? Top Four Reasons to Get into Beauty

Figuring out your career path can be challenging, especially as time goes on, and as sectors evolve. Nowadays you can choose among many different beauty-related jobs, such as a lash esthetician, cosmetologist, makeup artist, massage therapist, or even an eyebrow stylist! Years before, all of these fields were manageable and operated by one person only. Nowadays men & women can improve their expertise, and can make a decent living just by focusing on one specific skill! Here are a bit more facts about the beauty industry, and why it should pique your interest!

three women faces











  1. Never Ending (Fun) Process Of Learning

woman wearing brown leather jacket

Usually, people who are good with drawing, coloring, or even cooking are ideal candidates for exploring in the beauty field! Are you someone who is drawn to fashion? Usually, all of these creative tasks and fields can help you become a hairdresser, makeup artist, or a nail specialist. If you are skilled in something similar to these activities, make sure you keep on learning and always push through! Nowadays almost anyone can become a beauty guru or a beauty specialist/influencer, you just have to be willing to learn every day, and try to be better than the day before!

  1. A Huge Variety

A huge variety, as previously said, allows you to experiment in many different beauty fields till you find the one which suits you completely! When working on other people, you get to play with so many different face shapes, skin types, as well as textures. This is why it is important to find your fortee! If one field fails and you dislike doing, let’s say, baby highlights on your clients, you can still go back to doing cuts, as well as blowouts! Nowadays beauty creators can choose their headed path, and can perform their magic without doing the ”full thing”. This rule usually applies to bigger salons where you can find 2-3 hairdressers that are all in charge of different things. The same rule applies to let’s say a therapist: where one can only do massages, while the other one works on paraffin waxes etc.

  1. You’re Always With People

Woman Curling Another Woman's Hair

If you are a people person, you will definitely enjoy working in beauty sectors! No matter the position that you play, you will meet new people daily. Constantly meeting people and working with different age groups, skin types, genders, as well as on different tasks will allow you to learn new skills, and to develop a better skillset! Also, this will help you keep things fresh, exciting, but at the same time – challenging. Nothing is worse than being stuck at your job office with the same group of people that you already know, as well as going to business meetings and losing your temper while discussing tricky subjects. This also applies to typing on your computer, replying to emails etc.




  1. Freedom

Lastly, if you are a freelancer, you will have all the freedom in the world! You can choose your preferred work location, and you can control your day! You are in charge of your holidays and vacation, as well as your overtime work! You will also choose your working hours. Are you someone who wants to work from 9-5? Or maybe you want to work on the weekends? The choice is entirely up to you!

PS: Those who end up working at a beauty salon may work the typical shift, but they will have their weekends off! Unfortunately, you might not have your Christmas or other holidays off, but you will get a bonus due to heavy traffic during these special days and special events!

The Future of the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is constantly evolving and coming out with new & different trends. Wondering what the future holds and has in store for you in the next 5-25 years? Here are some of the most shocking beauty changes that you will experience!

  1. The Way We Dry Our Hair

Blonde girl and hairdryer Free Photo

Blowdryers are not what they used to be, and we can expect them to get fancy as time goes on. There is a blowdryer by RevAir ($399) which acts like a vacuum that pulls your strands and sucks all the excess moisture. Once the process is done, the hair is left looking a lot more smooth and frizz-free.


  1. Magic Mirrors

There is already a mirror that can analyse your face, complexion & your minor imperfections. It recognizes the size of your pores, detects red spots, and deals with dark circles. What you can expect in the future, is a mirror that will fix all of these imperfections, and will also do makeup for you! Procter & Gamble announced a product that is called the Opte Precision Wand, perfect for detecting any spot that needs more coverage.

  1. Fragrance Power

You know how a scent can change your whole mood? Well, there will be a specific technology that will allow some ingredients to absorb directly into your bloodstream! This will apply to some ingredients that cannot be harmful, such as CBD oil, coffee etc.

  1. Download Your Routine

rectangular leaning mirror with brass-colored frame

You’ll be able to download and make your skincare and makeup routine with a 3-D printer! A company called Mink Beauty will allow you to print out all of your targeted products, such as a highlighter, blush, or an eyeshadow color! Later on, they will also print out skincare! You won’t have to leave your house to purchase products ever again!









  1. A Facelift

No reason to pay a crazy sum of money for a facelift, nor to lay in the recovery bed for 2 weeks! A company in Boston is coming out with a treatment that will do 1000 small cuts instead of big ones, which will give immediate results without any cuts, irritations, or long downtime.

  1. Biodegradable Beauty

As you know by now, we should reduce our plastic waste. In the future, almost every brand will make its packaging eco-friendly and reusable. This will also help our country as well as its ecosystems.

  1. Quick Nail Art

person spreading glittered nail polish on pink nails

Imagine a world where a manicure takes less than five minutes to do! You will be able to do your nails on your own, at home, without the need for a refill! Thre will be this special type of ink, called E-Ink, which will help you change your color.


  1. Perfect Foundation

Finding the perfect color shade is pretty hard to achieve. Luckily, thanks to the power match algorithm, every woman will find her ideal foundation shade. This program will work with 700 different skin tones and will have a 90 percent accuracy!

  1. No More Grays

woman laying on couch near throw pillow

There will be a pill that can combat gray hairs. It will help you produce melanin and will diminish any grays. It can be a bit tricky since this pill will have to enter your bloodstream, but this patent is better and more cost-efficient than constant hair dying and annoying salon visitations.








Could The Fountain Of Youth Be Possible?

Nowadays we have a lot of innovative products. There are also face serums that slow down and minimize the appearance of aging. In the future, there will be pills that change the way you age on a cellular level!

So, which one of these treatments and developments are you looking forward to? One thing is for certain, the beauty industry will always have an unpredictable pace!

Top 6 Misconceptions About Nails Which Your Client Will Definitely Ask About

Women love to talk to their nail artists and nail techs during the 60-90 minute session. Getting gels, manicures, acrylics or pedicures can be time-consuming, which is why girls love to talk during their appointment. Some talk about their personal problems, while others have interesting comments or questions regarding nails. There are many different myths and misconceptions about manicures and nail treatments. We are here to debunk all of them, and give you answers! Keep on reading!


Top 6 Common Misconecaptions About Nails 


  1. A Set Of Fake Nails Will Ruin Natural Nails

No fake nails can ruin your natural nails. However, some habits that people do can make an impact. Nail enhancements are applied to your natural nail, as you probably know by now. However, the product does not penetrate the lunula (the moon of the nail). You are always growing new nails, and you can’t damage your new grown-in part so quickly. What can ruin your nails is a fungi infection, improper care, biting habits, as well as lifting and taking off the product on your own.


  1. Acrylics Are Hazardous

A lot of people believe that acrylic nails are hazardous because they have a strong odor that can leech into your bloodstream. However, this is far from the truth. The chemicals can have a scent, this depends on the type that your nail artist is using. However, the person who is more in trouble is the nail tech, since they are constantly inhaling nail particles. This is why you see them wearing masks, filters, and using ventilation when at the salon.


  1. You Should Get Gel Nails Since They Are Better For You

Some believe that gels are way better than powder or acrylic nails. You can experiment with different kinds of gel polishes, nowadays there are many different kinds on the market. However, all of these are pretty similar to acrylics since they come from the same family. On the other hand, some nail artists believe that gels are way trickier to remove than the acrylics. The removal process can be a bit more complicated as well as painful than with the acrylics.


  1. Your Nail Plate Will Grow Thinner

You’ve probably heard your mom say this a thousand times before, right? This is just something that older generations can’t seem to shake off. However, your nail matrix (moon) will determine the nail thickness. As you know it by now, the nail bed is made with keratin cells, which need protein-based foods to grow thicker, larger & stronger. This means that proper nutrition can determine the length as well as the thickness of your nails. Nothing else.


  1. Your Nails Can’t Breathe

By adding artificial layers on top of your natural ones, your nails will be a lot softer, weaker, and they won’t be able to breathe? Here’s some news for you: nails can’t breathe in the first place! Every nail plate you have is made with 100 layers of dead keratin cells! It can take up to 3-6 months for your nails to fully grow out, which means that allowing your nail to rest or breathe won’t do much since this is a slow process.


  1. You Can Get Fungal Infections

Fungal infections are linked to bacteria that you pick up underneath your nails. If you work with messy products, you forget to clean your tools, and you bite your nails – you are in trouble of getting a fungal infection. The actual nail application has nothing to do with the irritation of your nails. As long as your nail artist has used clean and sterile tools (and both of you have washed your hands) you will avoid infections and bacteria.

How The ‘Diamond Gap’ Fingernail Test Can Help You Determine Early Signs Of Cancer

Push your nails together and press your index fingers against each other. Once you do that, tell us – can you see a small tiny diamond-shaped window of light?

This unusual test will tell you if you have lung cancer, according to Cancer Research. The so-called ”finger clubbing” happens in 35% of people with non-small cell lung cancer and with 4% of people who have small cell lung cancer.

So, how can this show you anything? Well, the finger clubbing means that the base of your nail bed is a lot softer and the skin will become super shiny around the nail. The ends of the fingers can also change and become larger as well as longer. All of these factors can contribute to your diamond gap test, and can cause your nails to lose their shape.

If you can easily press your nails against each other, you have the Schamroth’s window and your nails are not clubbed.

Of course, having curved nails does not necessarily mean that you have lung cancer. If you have been coughing for up to 2-3 weeks, or even worse – coughing blood, been experiencing a lack of energy, as well as the loss of appetite, you could and should visit your doctor.

Also, always talk about your nail shape with your manicurist. If they are experienced enough, they will give you some insight.

Top 10 Christmas Nail Art Designs

Christmas is just around the corner, and plenty of us will be searching for the perfect nail inspo. Some women love simple manicures, while others will go that extra mile to achieve the perfect holiday-inspired design. If you want flawless and seamless nails for December, here are your top picks!

Top 10 Christmas Nail Designs 

  1. Candy Cane

Holiday Nails Christmas Glitter Candy Canes 17+ Ideas #nails #holiday

Bright red, white and glittery nail designs will suit those who like bolder designs. Women who have naturally shorter and oval nails will easily pull off this manicure, no reason to get acrylics!







  1. Merry Christmas

Top 100 Popular Ideas of Christmas Nails Designs To Try in 2019 Sumcoco

If you want the perfect Christmas manicure, this manicure will do you justice. Make sure you stick to white, green and red polish colors, and also go for a mistletoe print on two of your nails. Longer nails are way better for this manicure since the sticker will pop even more!





  1. Matte Green

Love these nails colors #longacrylicnails

Shorter square-shaped nails can look neat, and can even be worn to the office. This green matte color looks amazing once paired up with a creamy white or nude, as well as with a snowflake design that is made out of gems!








  1. Icy White

40 Pretty Nude & Ombre Acrylic And Matte White Nails Design For Short And Long Nails -

Coffin shaped nails usually suit younger women, as well as those who like bolder and attention-seeking nails. White manicure with some specks of glitter, as well as snowflake details will look great for the entire month of December, and not just the Christmas or NYE parties!





  1. Bear Manicure

40+ Stylish Gel Nail Art Designs That Are So Perfect for Summer 2019

These almond-shaped nails will look better longer, as well as if you get acrylics. The longer they are – the more details they will handle! If you like stickers you will love this bear design, as well as snowflakes!






  1. Snowflake

Fashion blog ?

For women who need office-friendly manicures, but who would still like to step out a bit out of their comfort zone – this is the right type of manicure. French tips in blue color, as well as some snowflake details, are perfect for December.




  1. Burgundy

Gorgeous Burgundy Nail Color With Designs For Fall Season; Burgundy Nail; Burgundy Nail Color; Fall Burgundy Nails; Wine Red Stiletto Nails;Burgundy Wine Nail Color; Wine Red Acrylic Nails; Dark Burgundy Red Nail Polish;

Your natural nails can still look amazing and beautiful. Get a sparkly and glossy burgundy color, and stick with square-shaped nails. Just for a pop of color, add a golden straight line across two of your nails. This is perfect for minimalistic lovers.





  1. Red French

The French manicure is making a comeback on everyone from Kim Kardashian to Bella Hadid. Here are the coolest new French manicure ideas. #frenchtipnail

Welcome a different type of French manicure, and embrace red tips! Say bye-bye to simple white, and spice some things up for the winter season. Shorter nails will look amazing once done this way, as well as in both square or oval shapes.




  1. Black Shimmer

Black & glitter ~ oh my ???✨?

This manicure is perfect for women who need NYE inspiration pieces. Stick with the square shape and go for longer nails. Add a bit of golden glitter since this color combo is perfect for parties!







10. Bright Blue

If you are getting ready for the holidays by painting a winter wonderland on your nails, these Cutest Christmas Nail Art DIY Ideas will surely give you a cheerful Christmas season this year.

Bright or navy blue nails are not the most common color choice, but they do suit younger women. If you are a fan of dramatic manicures, as well as playful colors, you will love this design. Also, the oval shape and a snowflake sticker will complete the design.

Rock you nail technician job

After getting your nail technician degree you are probably going to focus on pursuing your career, right? Women who finish this course often think that they can only work at one specific place. However, the truth is that you have way more options than you’d imagine. You don’t have to work at only one salon, and you can upgrade and build your business along the way.

Where to find the best nail technician jobs online?

Blog – you can start your own blog, a Facebook page, or at least an Instagram account. By doing so you are actually building your page and allowing any potential customers to see your nail art. This way of exposure is crucial in todays social media. Anyone who ends up liking your work may message you through online platforms and ask you to do some freelancing, or they may want to come to your place/salon.

Web-based job listings – Try to find the most popular websites where people post jobs online. These platforms often have tons of listings right away, and you can refresh the page every other day till you find something which suits you. There are also some adds which will pop up if you end up being persistent.

Nail technician jobs – is one of those webpages where you can easily find everything at one place. Here the employers will post an advertisement, and will look for people with your skills. There are hundreds of beauty-related job posts for you to apply. This is also one of the most used sites in the United Kingdom for job posting. You can send in your proposal here and let the client review it. You should have your CV filled out and the site itself should approve your request before you can send in many different applications to your potential clients or co-workers.

If you are interested, and would love to become a nail technician, check out our government funded courses.

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Red hot careers in the nail industry

As a certified nail tech you are qualified to work in the nail industry on both men & women and you get to do their pedicures & manicures. Nail techs in the UK can make between £15,000 and £30,000 a year, but this all depends whether you are self-employed, you run your own salon, or you work for someone else. Either way, this profession is fun, and definitely filled with many different career paths!

Nail Artist on Sets and Photo Shoots

This career is actually way more popular than you’d think. Every magazine cover needs a nail artist on the photo set. They are also needed on the movie set. This job can be fun but also stressful since often you need to carry your own equipment onto the location. However, it will payoff in the end since you’ll probably meet so many different celebrities, and some of your favourite stars.

Nail Instructor

If you end up receiving your own recognition and a diploma you can also think about teaching nail courses. You can explain everything in slide shows, share your passion through videos, and you can also shot how-to tutorials on your phone.

You will easily work with many different kinds of people, cultural backgrounds, and you will definitely develop your communication skills.

What else can you do as a nail tech? Interesting facts

Did you know that over 95% of nail salons offer polish changes as well as pedicures? This is actually the most common treatment, as well as the most-popular request by customers. You can and will probably do a lot of these throughout your career.

Besides, you can expect to work with around 20 clients per one week (on an average).

Also, for those who would love to travel and work abroad – did you know that California has the biggest number of employees? They have over 100,000 in 7,900 locations.

Check out our governement funded nail courses at CPBA: Click here!

How to master your skills as a nail technician faster?

The nail industry is a fast-growing industry which hops on and off new trends daily. Sometimes we can get lost in these, and we can have a hard time mastering some skills. However, at CPBA, you will gain all the knowledge (most of the time without paying a penny) to become a nail technician! No reason to attend special courses, colleges, or even online-classes. CPBA brings everything one could wish for, at one place.

You will easily master your skills as a nail-tech if you have patience and if you are willing to learn. Also, you should have a steady hand, as well as an amazing eye for details!

nail technician course

You can master the basic nail course even if you had no previous training at CPBA. All you need is some time, patience, and a will to learn.

What does the nail technician do?

Nail tech does manicures, nail extensions, as well as gel nails. They maintain a safe & hygienic workplace and carry out client consultations. They can often do paraffin wax, deal with ingrown nails, fungi infections, as well as nail art.

Why CPBA helps you learn faster?

nail technician course

Everyone gets to be tutored by an experienced nail tutor who guides you through practical lessons while you get to practice on yourself! You will also do manicures and pedicures on real clients in a small surrounding with 12 other students.

You can get an accredited nail diploma for £30, and you can complete your course in just 3 days! This is a gel nail extensions course, but you can also take an intense 4-month journey and be fully qualified level 2 nail technician!

The 4-month course is also simple & practical. Simply invest one full day and half of the day for 16 weeks straight. Later on, you will be left with a VTCT Level 2 Diploma certificate which is recognised by the UK’s leading professional association. It is also recognised by the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (BABTAC) and the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT).

To learn more about our Nail Courses, click here.

Mum who was homeless at 17 becomes nail technician of the year

A mother who was living on the streets when she was a teenager has now been named nail technician of the year. She has only recently started her own business.

34 year old Samantha Hart described how she ended up in a “bad crowd” during her late teens and found herself homeless for four years, having no idea where her next meal would come from. Since than everything has changed. She has 3 kids and has been named nail technician of the year in the British Hair and Beauty Awards which is a dream come true for her.

“I ended up finding myself homeless for around four years and got into a bad crowd and bad habits. I had homes and flats intermittently and I didn’t know how to look after myself and wasn’t shown how to be a grown up. I didn’t know there were places to go for help. I spent some time on the streets too. I didn’t know where I was going or where the next meal was coming from.”

Samantha who admitted she was “a bit of a one” growing up, was taken in by her friend’s mum after three years of struggling to find her place in the world.

“A friend’s mum took me in and gave me a good start. I’d been best friends with her daughter since I was 11 and she helped. I was there for around six months. When you’re depressed and don’t want to be in the world it’s a hard start.”

Samantha, who is in a long-term relationship with partner Mike Hall, left the country for a new start and became an au pair in Germany. While she was over there, she became pregnant with her first child. But, by the time her third child was on the way, she found herself a single, pregnant mother, with a one year old and a six year old. Now back in Hull and determined to support her family, she enrolled onto a four-month course with nail flairs and before long started her nail technician training.

“I’d always watched make-up videos on YouTube which led to nail videos and thought, ‘I’d really like to do that’ and enrolled on a course and found I had a talent for it. I tried working in other salons and just never found my niche. I thought the only place I will fit in, is working for me. I spent every last penny I had getting it sorted and it took three months to get it up and running. I’m not a typical girly-girl and wanted the salon to look different to any others. I didn’t want the pink or the glittery things.”

“I wanted other people to feel comfortable coming in so it’s kind of like an anti-nail salon. We have two staff members at the moment but are looking for more. My clients have followed me everywhere I have been and they’re what have kept me in business.” – she said.

Samantha has become a national winner at the British Hair and Beauty Awards 2019 as Nail Technician of the Year.

“It really means a lot to me to be a finalist at the Hull and East Yorkshire People in Business Awards looking at the hundreds of entries is brilliant.

“The Grit Award is to celebrate people who have come through a lot of adversity and it means a lot to me to be nominated. Winning the Nail Technician Award was absolutely brilliant. I was watching it at home and was waiting hours for it to refresh to say who the winner was.

“I’m over the moon but I still wouldn’t think I’m the best in the country because I have my idols. There were also others there from Hull which was fantastic as the city is coming an epicentre for beauty now. Tracey Westmorland was there and Stephanie Tomlinson from Simply Nail and both women are brilliant.”

Samantha is now determined to pass her wisdom on to others with the help of a course she is putting on. It is usually priced at £500  and altogether has four sessions over a two week period and is run by Samantha in partnership with Incandescent Shine.    Mirror

How Much Money Can You Make Working As A Nail Technician/ Salon Owner

Nail technician jobs are always in demand across the UK. From manicures to pedicures and threading, they offer a full range of facial services and treatments. If wondering How much money can you make working as a Nail technician/ Salon Owner, the answer is based on several factors.

 According to industry experts, self-employed nail technicians make nearly £4,000 less per year than regularly employed technicians. Whether on contract or in-house, technicians can easily make well over £52,000 per year. With this in mind, self-employed businesses may offer optimal freedom but less money due to overhead and finding clients on a daily basis.

 Nail technicians that wish to earn more have to be willing to work hard. This means networking with other technicians to take advantage of available opportunities. They also need to stay abreast of all the latest industry developments and trends. This can include new nail salon techniques, technologies, and especially client procurement and fulfilment services.

 Nail salon owners can literally earn hundreds of thousands of pounds per year. This, however, depends on the business branding, location, as well as visibility to new and existing clients. They also must have a strong advertising and marketing campaign both on and off the Web. Owners must also stay ahead of the curve by tapping into all current and burgeoning trends.

 Whether working hourly, on contract, salary, or as an owner, there are so many avenues available to make loads of money in this industry. However, mobile services are now a must and that is something you need to consider. No longer are brick and mortar locations the only source for nail salon income these days. In fact, nearly all venues feature mobile services for clients at home, the office, or simply unable to make it to the salon and need these services for many reasons.

Have a look at our nail technician courses here.