Is Doing Hair at Home Illegal?

Due to the Coronavirus, nothing is for certain and the outcomes may vary & depend on the current outbreak situation.

At the moment, hairdressers or barbers cannot work from home, and here’s why!

The government’s social distancing instructions prevent beauticians, nail-care & hair-care professionals from working further.

Doing someone’s hair outside of a salon involves having people who aren’t members of your household enter your home, which means the possibility of spreading the virus, which further means not practicing social distancing.

However, you should stay updated through social media and continue obeying the rules.

Everything can change within a week, so it is not safe to give you proper answers. Also, every country & city is different, so it is hard to give just one clear answer.

Five months ago, hairdressers were allowed to work from home, and no law was stopping them from providing their services as freelance artists.

This may, unfortunately, change in the following 5-month period.

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Can I Cut Hair Without a License?

A lot of barbers and hairdressers start to cut hair at an early stage and while they’re still in school, at training, or when doing their apprenticeship. This is because they’ve gained the needed knowledge, and they already feel quite comfortable with cutting hair, even without their qualification, or L2 accreditation.

Luckily, barbers & hairdressers do not need a license to cut hair in the UK. This means that you can continue to work on your clients, even if you’re still mastering your course.

However, if you are a business owner and are looking to open hairdressing, hair salon, or barbering business of any kind, then you may need to register your business with the local council. This is in the form of a Hairdresser Licence. If you plan on starting business any time soon, make sure that you look into this and ask your local council for advice.

Lastly, if you are a freelancing artist (hairdresser, barber) and you cut hair at home, you still won’t need a license. You can continue to work at your own pace and not worry a thing about any inconvenience.

Can Anyone Learn to Cut Hair?

If you are thinking about becoming a barber or a hairdresser make sure that you are well-aware of the job position itself. You should have some basic skills and a specific skill set to master the barbering itself. Almost anyone can cut hair, it just takes time, practice & patience to get to the right level. Here’s what you should know:

  1. It is important to train

Ongoing training at your school, academy, or through some online courses is key. You should be patient and willing to learn. No one can learn overnight, but you can make constant trials and errors. As long as you are persistent and you have time to spare & invest in your program, you can become an amazing barber.

  1. You need to be a fashionable & trendy person

Your business will flourish and you will gain knowledge by teaching yourself new haircuts. Make sure that you are willing to experiment and dive into new cuts! A trendy barber follows fashion, he is always in trend, and he is willing to learn new cutting tricks.

  1. Make sure you can stand on your feet the entire day

Almost anyone can become a hairdresser, as long as they are comfortable (literally) with standing on their feet for the entire day. You should have a strong back, good posture, as well as no problem with walking around for the entire day.




Is It Hard to Learn How Do You Cut Hair?

If you wish to cut someone’s hair, make sure that you are well-equipped. Aside from knowledge, a barber should have all the needed professional tools that will help with the maintenance and the upkeep of a specific hairstyle. Here’s how hard it is to learn to cut hair!

Cutting hair is a lot easier nowadays than it was before. This is because there are loads of different platforms where you can teach yourself the needed skills. Nowadays, you can choose to go to a hair-care school, college, you can have the apprenticeship done, or you can go to some at-salon courses. There are also online barbering courses, along with some amazing tutorials on YouTube that go quite in-depth to explain the process. Everyone can learn how to cut hair, but each course is different when it comes to its price and difficulty level.

Aside from its easy accessibility, cutting hair is not a time-consuming task or skill that will take way too much of your spare time. Most barber schools will take 1-6 months to finish. You will learn how to cut hair by working with other professional hairdressers, barbers, and by working on human hair. The process itself is not difficult as long as you have a steady hand and a clear vision!

CPBA offers free employment advice and guidance to their barbering learners. They also offer free   barbering courses and work placement

Top 7 Interesting Facts About Hair Which Every Hairdresser Should Know

Every hair type is unique in its own way. A lot of times women stick to one hair-care regimen, although it may be completely wrong for their cuticles, hair length, and their hair type. If you are wondering what are some of the most common misconceptions regarding hair, you’ve come to the right place! Here are the top 7 facts that every hairdresser should know, and here are the top 7 facts that every hairdresser wishes their clients knew beforehand!

  1. Everyone Has A Lot Of Hair

grayscale photography of woman

What we mean by this is that both men & women have the same amount of hair follicles on their scalp. Everyone’s head shape is pretty much the same in size, which means that men, women & kids will have the same number of hair strands. This number is around 100,000 – 150,000 hairs!








  1. But Your Hair Sheds

A lot of clients come to the salon panicking that their hair is thinning, shedding, and falling out. However, always remember to take a breather, and observe the situation! According to many scientists, we tend to lose around 50-100 hairs per day! This is a natural process that shouldn’t worry you. Only if you lose more strands than this, consider visiting your dermatologist.

  1. Black Is Super Common, While Red Is Rare

woman holding pink rose

The most common hair color worldwide is, shockingly enough, black! This is the most common natural color for men & women, and brown follows it right after. The rarest color in the world is red, where you can find only 1.5% of gingers on the entire globe.


  1. It Technically Grows Super Fast

As you probably know it by now, your hair is made out of keratin. This is a protein that is found in the outer layer of our skin, as well as in our fingernails. The better you eat and incorporate biotin and protein-enriched foods to your diet – the healthier, stronger & longer your hair will grow! Also, hair is the second-fastest-growing tissue in our body, right after the bone marrow!

  1. Hair Has A Life Span

You can’t really do wonders for your hair with vitamins and hair-boosting products. You only have a certain number of follicles that contain hair. Once your hair is plucked from the follicle (or once it sheds on its own) new hair will begin to grow. Time-wise & usually, a single hair has a lifespan of approximately 5 years.

  1. Hair Grows Quicker In The Summer

woman wearing pink spaghetti strap dress

You probably noticed that your hair sheds and dries out more in the winter than it does in the summer, right? This is because temperatures can have an impact on the way your hair looks. During the summer, high heat will stimulate the circulation in your body, and will encourage faster growth! This is also why your hair may appear a bit shinier, and it may look highlighted in the summer.






  1. Cutting It Won’t Speed Up Its Growing Process

The most common misconception that you hear often at the salon is this one. However, it is a false claim that does not make any sense. We’ve been told that our hairs will grow faster if we shave them (which is true) but cutting the ends and split ends won’t speed up the growing process. Your ends are already dead & dried out. The root of your problem is in your actual root! Make sure you eat right, be gentle to your scalp, and massage it to boost its blood flow, this is the only way that your hair can get long.

Why is Beauty Industry Booming? Top Four Reasons to Get into Beauty

Figuring out your career path can be challenging, especially as time goes on, and as sectors evolve. Nowadays you can choose among many different beauty-related jobs, such as a lash esthetician, cosmetologist, makeup artist, massage therapist, or even an eyebrow stylist! Years before, all of these fields were manageable and operated by one person only. Nowadays men & women can improve their expertise, and can make a decent living just by focusing on one specific skill! Here are a bit more facts about the beauty industry, and why it should pique your interest!

three women faces











  1. Never Ending (Fun) Process Of Learning

woman wearing brown leather jacket

Usually, people who are good with drawing, coloring, or even cooking are ideal candidates for exploring in the beauty field! Are you someone who is drawn to fashion? Usually, all of these creative tasks and fields can help you become a hairdresser, makeup artist, or a nail specialist. If you are skilled in something similar to these activities, make sure you keep on learning and always push through! Nowadays almost anyone can become a beauty guru or a beauty specialist/influencer, you just have to be willing to learn every day, and try to be better than the day before!

  1. A Huge Variety

A huge variety, as previously said, allows you to experiment in many different beauty fields till you find the one which suits you completely! When working on other people, you get to play with so many different face shapes, skin types, as well as textures. This is why it is important to find your fortee! If one field fails and you dislike doing, let’s say, baby highlights on your clients, you can still go back to doing cuts, as well as blowouts! Nowadays beauty creators can choose their headed path, and can perform their magic without doing the ”full thing”. This rule usually applies to bigger salons where you can find 2-3 hairdressers that are all in charge of different things. The same rule applies to let’s say a therapist: where one can only do massages, while the other one works on paraffin waxes etc.

  1. You’re Always With People

Woman Curling Another Woman's Hair

If you are a people person, you will definitely enjoy working in beauty sectors! No matter the position that you play, you will meet new people daily. Constantly meeting people and working with different age groups, skin types, genders, as well as on different tasks will allow you to learn new skills, and to develop a better skillset! Also, this will help you keep things fresh, exciting, but at the same time – challenging. Nothing is worse than being stuck at your job office with the same group of people that you already know, as well as going to business meetings and losing your temper while discussing tricky subjects. This also applies to typing on your computer, replying to emails etc.




  1. Freedom

Lastly, if you are a freelancer, you will have all the freedom in the world! You can choose your preferred work location, and you can control your day! You are in charge of your holidays and vacation, as well as your overtime work! You will also choose your working hours. Are you someone who wants to work from 9-5? Or maybe you want to work on the weekends? The choice is entirely up to you!

PS: Those who end up working at a beauty salon may work the typical shift, but they will have their weekends off! Unfortunately, you might not have your Christmas or other holidays off, but you will get a bonus due to heavy traffic during these special days and special events!

The Future of the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is constantly evolving and coming out with new & different trends. Wondering what the future holds and has in store for you in the next 5-25 years? Here are some of the most shocking beauty changes that you will experience!

  1. The Way We Dry Our Hair

Blonde girl and hairdryer Free Photo

Blowdryers are not what they used to be, and we can expect them to get fancy as time goes on. There is a blowdryer by RevAir ($399) which acts like a vacuum that pulls your strands and sucks all the excess moisture. Once the process is done, the hair is left looking a lot more smooth and frizz-free.


  1. Magic Mirrors

There is already a mirror that can analyse your face, complexion & your minor imperfections. It recognizes the size of your pores, detects red spots, and deals with dark circles. What you can expect in the future, is a mirror that will fix all of these imperfections, and will also do makeup for you! Procter & Gamble announced a product that is called the Opte Precision Wand, perfect for detecting any spot that needs more coverage.

  1. Fragrance Power

You know how a scent can change your whole mood? Well, there will be a specific technology that will allow some ingredients to absorb directly into your bloodstream! This will apply to some ingredients that cannot be harmful, such as CBD oil, coffee etc.

  1. Download Your Routine

rectangular leaning mirror with brass-colored frame

You’ll be able to download and make your skincare and makeup routine with a 3-D printer! A company called Mink Beauty will allow you to print out all of your targeted products, such as a highlighter, blush, or an eyeshadow color! Later on, they will also print out skincare! You won’t have to leave your house to purchase products ever again!









  1. A Facelift

No reason to pay a crazy sum of money for a facelift, nor to lay in the recovery bed for 2 weeks! A company in Boston is coming out with a treatment that will do 1000 small cuts instead of big ones, which will give immediate results without any cuts, irritations, or long downtime.

  1. Biodegradable Beauty

As you know by now, we should reduce our plastic waste. In the future, almost every brand will make its packaging eco-friendly and reusable. This will also help our country as well as its ecosystems.

  1. Quick Nail Art

person spreading glittered nail polish on pink nails

Imagine a world where a manicure takes less than five minutes to do! You will be able to do your nails on your own, at home, without the need for a refill! Thre will be this special type of ink, called E-Ink, which will help you change your color.


  1. Perfect Foundation

Finding the perfect color shade is pretty hard to achieve. Luckily, thanks to the power match algorithm, every woman will find her ideal foundation shade. This program will work with 700 different skin tones and will have a 90 percent accuracy!

  1. No More Grays

woman laying on couch near throw pillow

There will be a pill that can combat gray hairs. It will help you produce melanin and will diminish any grays. It can be a bit tricky since this pill will have to enter your bloodstream, but this patent is better and more cost-efficient than constant hair dying and annoying salon visitations.








Could The Fountain Of Youth Be Possible?

Nowadays we have a lot of innovative products. There are also face serums that slow down and minimize the appearance of aging. In the future, there will be pills that change the way you age on a cellular level!

So, which one of these treatments and developments are you looking forward to? One thing is for certain, the beauty industry will always have an unpredictable pace!

London Bombing Survivor Opens A Hairdresser Salon – Here Is Her Inspirational Story

This incredible story takes us back on July 7, 2005. During a terrorist attack, a woman called Shelly Line survived a bombing attack while being only 3 meters away from the actual explosion! The explosion happened at the popular King’s Cross, and the 49-year-old was incredibly lucky to get out alive.

During the attack, 52 people have died, which has made an impact on Shelly. That was heartbreaking since no one really got the opportunity to see another day or share their potential, and she ended up wondering ”How & why did I survive?”

About three weeks ago, Shelly has opened up the first-ever community salon on Magdalen Street in Norwich. Her primary goal was to make others happy and to use her potential to the fullest. She wanted to make others happy, while investing time, thought, effort & care into every single detail.

The salon works in an unusual way where their clients pay a non-profit fee for services. The name of the salon is The Hair Care Share, where the services start at £30, and everyone is encouraged to contribute any additional amount. This extra money funds different hair services for those in need. By doing so, Shelly is able to give anyone the hairstyle of their dreams, the cut, or a set of highlights! And having clean & healthy hair should be everyone’s basic right.

Shelly was also diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) in 2005, but this never stopped her from working as a hairdresser and following her dreams. Before this incident, she worked as a hairdresser in Norwich and London and has been one of the top 10 hairdressers at L’Oreal.

How To Do Holiday Hairstyles?

Not too sure what hairstyle to wear for Christmas Eve, or for the NYE party? We will be seeing a lot of interesting and unique hairdos for the month of December. If you want to find your inspiration, and you want to find out how to achieve some of the most memorable and stylish looks, we will present 6 different styles in this article!

  1. Curly Hair With Clips

@oliviacalabio ??

Women who have naturally curly hair and who like their texture don’t have to do a lot. Let your curls shine and stand out on their own, but try and incorporate some golden or silver jewelry to make the look pop, as well as golden or silver clips.

How to do it?


Blow-dry your hair with a diffuser. Use your favorite curl cream and apply it evenly over your hair. Use 2-3 silver or golden hair-clips and place them on the sides. Also, pair these clips along with your favorite same-colored earrings to get the full formal vibe.

  1. Straight Middle Part

Super Hair Cuts Middle Part Brunettes 58 Ideas #hair

Women who have naturally sleek, long and straight hair can rock this look even for the NYE. If you are not a fan of dramatic or harder to maintain looks, this one will suit you. It is appropriate for the office, parties, as well as both younger and more mature ladies.

How to do it?

Make sure you straighten your hair with your trustworthy flat iron. Don’t use the highest heat since you can damage your strands. Once it is all straight, use hairspray to set the strands in place, and to get rid of any baby hairs. Brush the hair out with a small comb and achieve a sleek look.




  1. Slicked Back And Wet

Wonderful 40+ Wet Hair Look Ideas

Wet hair has been super trendy during this entire year. This hairstyle is usually worn by supermodels, younger women, as well as those who have longer hair. If you are a fan of glossy hairdo, you will love this trend!

How to do it?

Blowdry your hair straight, but make sure you use a lot of nourishing oil. Work section by section, and once completely straight and blow-dried, push your strands back with hairspray. This will make your hair stay in place throughout the entire night!





  1. Deep Side Part

Bridal hair comb Bridal pearl headpiece Bridal floral hair piece Wedding hair comb Wedding headpiece

A deep side part haircut is for women who love asymmetrical cuts, or for those who have more volume on one side. This cut is also perfect if you are into low-maintenance hairstyles, as well as hairdos that will survive dancing and partying on the NYE!

How to do it?

You can spice up the design a little by sticking with jewelry on top, or with giant clips. Make sure you brush your hair out and push it to one side that you prefer. Use 2-3 clips to set the strands in place, and go for silver or icy white colors, they are perfect for this time of the year.




5. A French Twist

Women who need something a bit more formal, as well as business and office-friendly will like a french twist. This hairstyle screams sophistication and usually looks great once paired up with a sequin dress. Luckily, every woman, no matter her hair length, can achieve this cut.

How to do it?

Sweep all of your hair on one side, and use several pins to hold the hair in place. Twist your hair up section at a time till you are left with only some ends that you will tuck into the hairdo. Set it with some hairspray, and you’ll be good to go.




  1. Low Ponytail

32 Glamorous Ponytail Hairstyle Ideas For This Summer Trend! Isabellestyle Blog

A low ponytail is playful and youthful. Women who are into hairstyles that do not come in contact with their skin a lot will enjoy this stylish pony. It is easy to achieve, and it can be done no matter your hair length!

How to do it?

Brush your hair out and make sure you work at a low angle. Pick your hair up with a simple elastic and wrap your pony in it. You can also do the classic hair-wrap-around trick so that you hide the elastic. Set your hair with a shiny hairspray and you’ll be set for the night.

Best Beauty, Hair & Makeup Christmas Gift Ideas

Shopping for your most loved ones can be challenging. It can be hard to stay creative and not repeat the same gift idea as the years go by. So, if you need some inspiration and you are out of ideas, you will find the perfect gift for your sister, best friend, cousin, mother, aunt, grandma, girlfriend, or your wife in the text down below!

Best Beauty Gift Ideas

 A Luxurious Set

2019 Beautycounter Holiday Collection - Safer Skincare - Better Beauty | Peace Love and Low Carb



A luxurious three-piece set that has a shower cream, body lotion, and a fragrance will turn everyone’s frown upside down! Every woman loves luxurious packages, as well as high-end products. Make sure you find a set that suits the person’s skin type and find something that has a scent reminiscent of the person.





A Skincare Fridge

Skincare Hack | Mini Fridge


A newer trend in 2019 has been a small and petite skincare fridge. These fridges can store all of your skincare items and keep them cool. Once applied on top, all products will feel luxurious and soothing, just like as if you were at a spa! If you know someone who is obsessed with skincare, get them this fridge.







A Brush Set

This sleek set of 10 makeup brushes contains everything you need for a complete full-face look.Featuring durable rose gold ferrules, it includes a mix of synthetic fibers for ultimate softness and blendable application.


A brush set is for women who love makeup, and who are into creating creative looks quite often. Having all the brushes in one place and in one color is aesthetically pleasing, as well as practical.





Best Hair Gift Ideas

Dyson Blowdryer

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Holder, Metal Hair Dryer Stand #Comfy



A Dyson blowdryer is one of the best, loved, and most-sold hairdryers at the moment. This item is for anyone who wants to maintain their hair, and who is into using minimal heat on their strands. Dyson is a smart blowdryer that won’t overheat your hair, and will always give you silky smooth results. Anyone can use this item, which makes it perfect for any person that is in your life!


Olaplex Hair-Care Treatment

Strengthen and repair your hair without compromising your color. #OLAPLEX Bond Maintenance repairs and protects...


Olaplex hair-care products can help your hair restore its natural shine and optimal balance. Olaplex hair-care products are suitable for any hair type, but they are pricey. If you know someone who has been dealing with breakage, flat and dry hair, or bleached strands – get them an Olaplex hair-care product or an entire set!



Hair Clips


You’ve seen hundreds of these hair clips on the internet by now, right? Well, giant hair clips won’t go out of fashion any time soon. If you are purchasing a gift to someone who has long hair, loves bold statement pieces, and likes to party – these are ideal!




Best Makeup Gift Ideas

A Lipstick Set

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Vault | Holiday Drugstore Makeup Sets You Should Hoard

A lipstick bundle, who wouldn’t love it? Teens and mature women love experimenting and playing with lipsticks. If you know someone who is out of their favorite colors, get them an entire bundle! This is sweet, but also practical.




Eyeshadow Bundle

Huda Beauty Nude Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette You Can't Just Eat One – Musings of a Muse


An eyeshadow bundle or the perfect nude colored eyeshadow palette is a bullet-proof solution! Every woman loves to wear eyeshadow, and most of them stick to simple nudes and shimmer colors. An eyeshadow palette by an amazing brand will make everyone happy and will last for quite some time.




False Lashes

A Peek Inside the House of Lashes® x Sephora Collection Lash Story Deluxe Set - All Things Beautiful XO


Lastly, a bundle of false lashes is for true makeup artists or women who love to play around with different looks. Falsies are very fun and will suit women who are into experimenting with makeup, but also who don’t mind wearing long lashes on a daily.

5 of the Hottest Hair Trends this summer on Social Media

This Summer many celebrities have shown us how to get some unusual hairdos and wear them in the heat. If you want to follow the latest hair trends and enjoy chic looks, here are your options: Some of the Hot Hair Trends Which You’ve Seen On Instagram

  1. 90’s Accessories

hair trends 2019

Incorporating either a ribbon, a clip, or even some giant ties and scrunchies is back! This trend looks very high-fashion, and it looks great no matter the hair length. When paired up with several bobby pins in the back it screams luxury.

  1. Tendrils

Tendrils will actually frame your face. This is another throwback look from the 90’s which looks amazing on women who have layered hair. This look is easy to achieve since it demands only a bit of texture spray, and it looks the best on bob cuts.

  1. Modern Knots

hair trends 2019

Top-knots will hide away dry shampoo residue, as well as unwanted oils. This hair can look high-end once thrown into a twisted and messy bun. It looks the best on straight or wavy hair which hasn’t been washed for 3 days.

  1. Long Extensions

Kim Kardashian West brought back the inches and had inspired many celebrity artists to do them. If you aren’t afraid of extensions (no matter if they are in a form of weaves or clip-ins) you should strive for long locks. These are a bit high-maintenance, but they can change your hairdo in a heartbeat.

  1. Glossy Hair

hairdressing courses

Shiny hair or ”glass hair” is the perfect runway/ formal choice. It is the biggest and most modern among the hair trends in 2019 which women of all ages have been loving. It is done with straight blow-drying, but also with locking out the frizz with some serums. This hairdo looks great on anyone, no matter the hair length.

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Red hot careers in Hairdressing

Wondering what and where exactly you can work after completing your hairdressers qualification? Your options aren’t limited, that’s for sure, so don’t be stressed about being stuck in one field for far too long. In fact, there are some highly-paid job positions in hairdressing which might interest you.

Salon Hairdresser

A hairdresser should do anything which is related to female hair. This means hair colouring, cutting, and styling.

You can also go for a fast track version of a hairdressing course at CPBA. If you do, you will end up with VTCT Level 3 Diploma in less than 6 months! No reason to attend college or any other special schools, since you get to learn everything right here.

If you do, you will be given the opportunity to work:

  • In a commercial salon
  • In a Specialist African type hair salon
  • On your own, aka from home, freelancing etc
  • Work in product manufacturing
  • Work on TV & Film
  • In theatres
  • In hospitals and care homes

hairdressing cpba government funded courses

Salon Stylist

A salon stylist works with some prestige brands on interesting positions. They work with models, fashion designers, photographers, as well as stylists on some sets. They colour the hair, curl it, do some finishing touches, and help with the creative process when it comes to picking out the perfect shoot for the albums, cover magazines etc.


Barbers are in charge of men’s hair. They do cuts, styling, as well as highlights. They are in charge of any hair texture, as well as trimming of the facial hair and connecting it to the hairstyle. Barbers can also enjoy a faster course at CPBA, and can end up with their diploma in 4.5 months. They can also work on television, can run their own salons, or can work as home-based barbers.

Editorial/ Advertising Stylist

Editorial and advertising stylists prep models for editorial or commercial photo shoots. While most people in hairdressing start out represented by an agency, it becomes easier to strike out independently after building up a great portfolio and industry cred. These stylists must be very versatile, organised, and able to execute a wide variety of looks from sweet girl-next-door to über-freaky.

Celebrity/ Personality Stylist

Doing hair and makeup for big names seems like a glamour position, and in some ways it is — but make no mistake, it’s a very demanding role! Whether you’re styling Kate Upton for the red carpet, getting Florence Welch ready for a live show, or prepping your local TV anchor for the six o’clock news, you’ll need a lot of patience, flexibility, time management skills, and the technical expertise it takes to make temperamental personalities happy when their pictures pop up on TMZ.

Have a look at our available courses at CPBA.