How Much Moes It Cost To Do Acrylic Nails At Home?

The quarantine life during the COVID-19 phase has taught us many things; being self-sufficient is one of them. People have started taking the DIY approach to everything. If you want to eat a fancy dish, you can prepare it at home. The same goes for getting acrylic nails. Yes, those beautiful and flawless nails can be easily created at home. For this, you must have essential tools with you to get started. So, how much will these products cost you all together? Let’s find out.

Cuticle Pusher (£5-£10)

It is the first product you will need to start the cleaning process. 

Buffing Block (£4-£12)

It helps in reducing the shine from your nail and smoothing it out. 

Acid-Free Nail Primer (£6-£10)

Prepping your nail with a nail primer is essential before getting started. 

Nail Glue and Tips (£8-£20)

Glue and nail tips will create a nail shape for you. There are glue and tip sets as well. 

Dappen Dish and Acrylic Brush (£7-£10)

The acrylic products are prepared in these items, so you cannot skip these items.

Acrylic Powder and Liquid (£15)

These are the main products with which you will sculpt your nails. 

Pinching Tool

UV Lamp (£12)

Buy UV lamps for acrylic nails. There are different variants according to your preference. 

All these products are essential to creating acrylic nails. The total cost for all these products will fall somewhere between £50 and £60. If you don’t want to buy them individually, you can go for an acrylic nail kit. 

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