What Do Level 2 Hairdressers Do?

It can be so confusing, right? All the different qualifications that you can achieve in Women’s Hairdressing?  If you’re just starting to research what a career in hairdressing means then you probably keep hearing about Level 2. 

A Level 2 NVQ is the initial qualification you need to gain in order to become a junior hairdresser. Every hairdresser in the industry needs to be trained to this standard in the UK. According to haircouncil.org.uk, “British hairdressing is regarded as the best in the world”. The reason for this is the comprehensive training you have to complete to be able to practise.

What do Level 2 hairdressers do?

When you go into a salon, you know the importance of a warm welcome, a tidy salon, and an attentive stylist who can take instructions on how you want your hair to look and then has the skills to see this through. A Level 2 hairdresser will have gained salon experience and practise in the core elements of the role. What does this include? 

  1. Care of the salon and equipment
  2. Following policies and procedures
  3. Top-quality customer satisfaction
  4. Washing hair
  5. Cutting hair
  6. Colouring hair
  7. Styling hair

Once you have achieved the CPBA Level 2 in Women’s Hairdressing you will be prepared and ready to work as a junior hairdresser in a salon.

CPBA offers free employment advice and guidance to their women’s hairdressing learners. We also offer free women’s hairdressing courses and work placements.

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