Do Makeup Artists Get Paid Well?

Being a makeup artist is a role that demands an individual to be endlessly creative and adaptable and enthusiastic. There are two career paths to choose from in makeup – film and television and fashion and editorial. Based on what you know, your expertise, and your level, your pay will be decided. If you work independently as a business or as a freelance makeup artist, you can decide your pay. And if you work under a salon or someone else, you will be put under a monthly salary. In both cases, the pay is great, and you can scale up as you gain more experience.


On average, a makeup artist can earn £10.02 per hour in the United Kingdom. The hourly wage may vary depending on the sector, experience, and responsibilities. Newly qualified artists who just cleared their certification can earn about £100 a day for assisting. Also, a senior makeup artist makes up to £500 a day managing shoots and shows.

If you work in the fashion industry, where you manage models for ramp walks and fashion shows, you can earn up to £3000 a day, only if you are a top-level makeup artist.

With that said, the average annual income of a makeup artist in the UK ranges around £40,000.

What are the perks?

While it is a tough job accompanied by a lot of stress, the field never gets bored. The job is creative and varied. In addition to that, you get to meet a lot of new people and make connections.

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