How Can I Go to Barber School for Free?

Hair schools and colleges can get pretty pricey, especially if you are in central London. Luckily, there are some money-saving solutions that you can go for, and those are:

  1. An apprenticeship

An apprenticeship is a program that takes anywhere from 15-18 months for you to master. After done, you will get the Level 2 diploma. An apprentice will meet and greet customers, wash hair, as well as cut beard & do some simpler hairstyles as time goes on.

You won’t have to pay for this experience, but you are obligated to learn alongside some other barbers & hairdressers, and you should come to the salon whenever you’re asked. Also, it is vital to find a hair salon that is accepting new workers/students.

  1. Find government-sponsored courses

You can become a barber even if you have no previous training. All you have to do is invest a couple of months to finish the program and education.

At CPBA, when you graduate, you’ll receive an internationally recognised VTCT Level 2 Diploma certificate, recognised by the UK’s leading barbering association (BBA).

This course can be founded by the government, as long as:

*You are between the age 19-23rd and this is your FIRST Level 2 qualification.

*You are 23 and unemployed or earn less than £15,736.50 per year.

This course takes 4 months to complete, and it is a lot more in-depth and convenient than the apprenticeship.

CPBA offers free employment advice and guidance to their barbering learners. They also offer free   barbering courses and work placement

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