How Much Do Hairdressers Earn in the UK?

It’s a great question because, let’s be honest, money makes the world go round! Hairdresser salaries can vary a lot.

What type of hairdresser do you want to be?

It is worth looking into this before and while you are training. When you have a clear goal in sight, it is easier to work towards a successful career.

So what influences a hairdresser’s salary?

  1. Skill set (senior stylists earn more than juniors).
  2. Hours worked.
  3. The area you live (working in London will pay more than a seaside town up North, but then you need to consider cost of living).
  4. Whether you work for yourself or someone else.
  5. Environment (i.e. high street salon, fashion, stage, film and TV, cruise liners, teaching).

In some cases, hair stylists make a huge amount of money. In 2006, Forbes magazine reported that the hairdresser who styled Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow charged $800 for a new hair-do! Don’t get too excited, though, this is an exceptional circumstance, not all clients can afford an $800 hair-cut and in hairdressing you have to work hard and really prove your talents with the scissors and hair dye.

What is the average salary for hairdressers in the UK?

If you’re willing to put the time and effort in, hairdressing can bring great financial rewards. According to, the average salary for a hairdresser ranges from £14,000-£30,000.

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