How Much Money Does It Take to Start a Barber Shop?

Planning on opening your own barbershop? This is one of the best professions in 2020, and it is an amazing job for people who love to do transformations. Here’s all that you should know about starting your business!

  1. The education itself can be pricey

You can expect to pay anywhere from £1,000-5,000 for your education. Every school/course is different, so even the training process can be quite pricey.

However (and luckily) there are some government founded options, as well as apprenticeships that can help you save money, and invest it fully towards your barbershop!

  1. The shop will be pricey

Finding the perfect location, renovating it, as well as buying all the furniture can be pricey. Your place of living also plays a huge role since you will pay a lot more for a barbershop in central London than you’d pay in, let’s say, Birmingham. However & realistically, opening a shop will cost you around £160.000 (roughly).

  1. You have to think about everything

Before you invest a lot of money & thought into your shop, make sure that you are well-aware of all the responsibilities that it carries. You will have to think about the following details:

  • Shop rental or purchase price
  • Cost of refurbishment of premises
  • Insurance policy
  • Barber tools and equipment
  • A permit and license
  • Shop inventory
  • Furniture
  • Marketing materials & cost of advertising
  • Cleaning supplies

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