How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Barber Chair?

Did you know that freelancing barbers can rent out barber chairs at someone else’s salon?

On the other hand, you can also rent the chairs (if you are a salon owner) to other barbers, and profit in such a way! Here are all the perks as well as prices when it comes to renting a barber chair:

  1. Two ways to rent it

You can agree to rent your chair in two ways. One is by doing a fixed monthly payment (for an unlimited amount of work and use).

Or you can agree to do a split on all earnings. For example, you could do a 60/40 division.

  1. The price can vary

The price can vary since there are two routes to go for. Do you wish to split the earnings, or do you want to pay a monthly fee? Usually, a weekly rental of a barber chair goes for £250. However, each salon is different, and you will stumble upon different prices in different salons.

  1. Is it the right call for you?

You should do the math and figure out how much money you’re making per week by doing a rental. If you can pay off your chair in 2-3 days of your work, go for it! However, if you don’t have steady customers and you’re struggling to profit, leave this idea aside.

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