Career Opportunities As A VTCT Level 3 Qualified Nail Technician

The role of nail technicians includes the maintenance of cuticles including manicures, pedicures and non-surgical treatments. Career opportunities as a VTCT Level 3 qualified nail technician include senior positions, assessors, trainers, manicurists and pedicurists providing diverse and richly rewarding. A wide range of professional jobs can be pursued offering favorable salaries and flexible working hours. These depend on position and experience.

Technicians mastering nails can earn up to 20000 pounds annually. This includes basic manicurist and pedicurist positions within a salon or spa. Higher level job titles including salon manager and senior nail technician includes a yearly income of over 20000 pounds averaging at 25000 pounds. The additional commissions and tips received from clients contributes to higher returns. Earnings however are largely dependent on working hours and title.

A wide range of services are covered by technicians offering more versatile employment positions and future opportunity. Certified persons are equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge. They can enhance nails with the appropriate tools and products, to maintain cuticle health with non-surgical technique and advise clients on hand and foot health management. Sales receptionist, cruise ship technician, and assessor are available job titles in the industry.

A number of responsibilities are covered from consultations with clients to creating appointments and managing stock. Daily duties provide the practical experience needed to excel in different aspects of the job from maintaining client interests and delivering a highly skilled service to management of a salon, spa or personal business. Job requirements include the stipulated certification and industry experience to excel in a chosen field.

Pursuing a career

A career in the beauty industry offers a flexible range of titles from starting salaries to a lucrative income and commissions. Higher level titles achieved with experience and skill advancement. They can produce more favorable financial and employment rewards. Ensuring the completion of study through an accredited tertiary institution can support reaching professional and personal goals for long term success.

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