Spring 2022 Nail Trends

Spring nail colours are all about a combo of dreamy style and soft colours. You are on the right page if you want to know more about spring 2022 nail trends. So let’s get to the point. 

Space-age tints

If you want to stick to one nail trend this blooming season, we suggest that you try swirling pastels. The good thing is that many of these space-age tints feature multiple effects. You may combine frost with sparkles, for instance. The effect is weird as the colour may shift or change based on the light. 

Euphoria-inspired nails

Natalie Minerva’s nail art inspires spring nails this year. If you want to create similar swoon-worthy nails, you can start with a sparkly base colour followed by an accent tone. You don’t have to struggle for a perfect look, though. You may add nail stickers for a dreamy effect.

Dove grey nails

Grey nails are all the rage these days. But you may add a twist by opting for a soft grey that may look like white or silver. 

‘ 90s-inspired nails

Retro is going to be popular this spring. You can come up with a club-kid-inspired manicure if you want. Alternatively, you can choose simple nail art that will look adorable, such as sparkly butteries that were popular in the 90s. 

So, this was a brief intro to spring 2022 nail trends. You can try these ideas and have fun this spring. 


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