Nail Art Fashion week

Apologies for the radio silence guys, as much as exciting Nail Art Fashion Week was, it was also exhausting and I’m getting ready for another huge launch. It seems at times I take on much more than I can actually manage but oh well, life is short. Plus, I’m a big believer in the ‘now or never’ principle. So brace yourself, SOMETHING exciting is coming soon!

Meanwhile, my obsession with monotone manicures continues… It all started with this emerald French manicure, took a new turn with these rose gold polka dot nails and reached new heights with today’s silver and grey nails. The new Mint polish colour, Fancy had me from the first sight. I never imagined I’d say this about a grey nail polish but… it’s HOT!

So the design had to be something that would not distract attention away from, or diminish the beauty of, this gorgeous colour. So I simply added tiny chrome triangles at the base of each finger, mission accomplished! This easy, yet chic look with the chrome details that highlight the pure beauty of Fancy.

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