What Skills Do Barbers Need?

If you are a barber you’ve probably mastered all of your skills by now and you know how to work with males and their textured cuts. If not, here are the top 4 skills that you should learn and embrace before you start working with your clients:

  1. Haircare

Learn how to cut, trim, style, and shape male hair. You should know how to cut & shape any length while still keeping their preferred outcome in mind. Try to be creative & step outside the box from time to time, people love creativity.

  1. Grooming

Since you are constantly working with guys you should also figure out how to shape beards. It is important to groom their beards, give them a clean shave, and help them achieve longer facial hair with the right set of products (that you’re going to recommend and sell from the shop).

  1. Business part

Some barbers will work at a salon, others will be freelancers, and some will operate their own salon. If you end up starting your own business, you should have a strong business plan to obtain a loan from a bank, choose a location and purchase supplies and equipment. Make sure that you talk with someone and that you get their professional advice & help with this part.

  1. Customer service

Lastly, stay chatty and friendly! A lot of clients will want to make a bond with you, and they will prefer small talk over silence. Figure out how to approach a client and read their body language.

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