Beauty Industry Employs More Than the Law and Social Work Sectors

Choosing your career path is one of the hardest decisions that you will ever have to make. A lot of young teens can have difficulties sticking to only one school or college. The sad part is, we can’t really make a firm decision while in our teens. This is why you should always explore your options, and even go to some additional courses even when you are in your 30s! It is okay to change your mind, and always be open to learning new skills.

Top 5 Facts That Even Those Who Hate Numbers Will Find Interesting 

  1. The Selfie Culture

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The UK economy can thank the selfie culture for helping it reach some astonishing numbers. After tagging some beauty products on IG and sharing their tips & tricks with the world, a lot of famous actresses & singers have helped the UK beauty industry reach the net worth of £30 billion. In fact, the British beauty industry employs nearly 370,000 while still supporting around 220,000 more people than those that work in the law and social work sectors do.

  1. Massive Online Shopping

Online shopping became a huge trend in the last 5-8 years. Sharing images on social media allows everyone to get their wanted product while being only one click away! In fact, the beauty industry ten years ago has had the worth of £18 billion, compared to the £27.2 billion in 2018! Social media can contribute and change the minds of many while pushing them in shopping or at least browsing through many different beauty channels and web-pages.

  1. Influencers Have Changed The Game

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Social media influencers play a great part in spreading a good word as well as a story about a specific beauty product. Nowadays companies can pay for a short AD, an Instagram story, or even a post of some moms, teens, or beauty lovers. Once others notice it, the influencer can even get some percentage from the manufacturer since they’ve helped with the promotion, exploitation, as well as with selling of the product.






  1. Jobs For Anyone In 2018

One report shows that the beauty industry has helped and supported 590,500 jobs in 2018. This is equal to one in every 60 jobs in the UK. There is also the tax revenue, where the beauty industry contributed £7 billion in the UK! Once you combine this with the salaries of nurses or midwives, it is equivalent to 250,000 salaries! You can expect even higher numbers in the upcoming 2020.

  1. Beauty Salons & Beauty Employees Growth

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According to the, the beauty industry has had an effect on some hairdressing, beauty & nail salons. In 2018, the number of beauty retailers and sellers has fallen by 170 (due to massive online sales). But on the other hand, there were 1,394 more beauty stores than in previous years! This means that almost anyone has had the opportunity to either open a salon or has had a chance to work at one!

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