Red hot careers in beauty industry

The beauty industry is constantly changing, developing, and is coming out with new & innovative treatments. In 2019 you can pursue your career in some of the most unusual beauty fields. Here are our 4 different and unique suggestions.


  1. Mortuary makeup artist


If someone is off to an open-casket funeral, most of the times you will notice that the deceased is wearing makeup. This application is done by the mortuary makeup artist who knows how to bring back life & color to the body & face. They usually stick with something natural, with a hint of blush, as well as a subtle lip color.


  1. Airbrush tanner


Spray tanners usually work at the salons, but they can also do private home visitations. This way of fake-tanning is safer than actual tanning, or even sun-bed tanning. This is because you are not exposing yourself to getting skin cancer. The tan is applied with a spritz, and when done the right way it looks very natural & shimmery. You won’t look uneven or patchy, as if you would if you were spray tanning on your own.


  1. The follicle tattoo artist


Permanent makeup sounds scary, but it is ideal for men & women who have thin hair, or any hair loss issues. By getting Scalp micropigmentation you can get a tattoo of your hairline in less than 3 sessions. These are done and achieved by doing dots on the scalp and are a better solution than hair transplants.


  1. Face feeler


This profession is exactly what it sounds like! There are some people who evaluate how some products smell, feel, taste, and sound. This job requires you to have strong senses, as well as sensory evaluation. This person feels someone’s legs, face, skin, lips, or any other body part just after they’ve applied the product on top of the skin. After that they give their opinions and contribute to the development of the product.

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How Much Money Can You Make Working As A Beauty Therapist/ Salon Owner

A Beauty therapist works in salons and venues across the world. From makeup and threading to manicures and pedicures, they specialise in a range of beautification services for new and existing clients if wondering how much money can you make working as a beauty therapist/ Salon Owner, look no further than the Internet.

The Web features numerous salary guides for prospective and existing beauticians and salon owners. For those with extensive industry experience, they can earn anywhere from £32,000 to well over £50,000 per year. However, this will be based on industry knowledge, along with mastery of all techniques and services. Owners must also have strong networking skills, brand awareness, and recurring business and clientele.

According to industry statistics, self-employed beauticians tend to make less per year than salon owners and full-time employed therapists. This is mainly due to self-employed workers having to double up as account executives as well. With brick and mortar establishments, there will always be daily business even in slow and down times. In fact, salon owners can easily earn well over £100,000 per year if they play their cards right. This, of course, means daily discounts, weekly promotions, and facilitating all client needs in a timely and professional manner.

Staying abreast of all UK market trends is imperative for beauticians, make-up artists, and salon owners as well. Mobile services are also paramount for self-employed as well as regularly employed therapists. In addition, location and access helps determine overall store visibility, leads, and revenue generation on a weekly basis. As always, employees and salons must stay current with the times and improve their businesses at every turn.

Salon owners and beauticians must also offer a range of services for clients. This includes pedicures, manicures, hair-styling, makeup, waxing, and even facial massages. It is imperative to take refresher courses to touch up on skills and implement new industry techniques across the board. This will broaden your horizons and generate more revenue in your careers.

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