Top 5 Makeup Tips For Teenage Girls

Younger girls or teens can have a hard time trying to express their creativity through makeup. However, all women love to experiment & play around with fashion & makeup tips in their everyday lives. If you love to apply makeup daily, know that our tips will be useful. Makeup is not a ”one size fits all” which is why it is crucial to customize it per your age, skin type & personal preference. Younger women have specific skin which should be nourished & approached differently. So, if you want to maintain the tenderness & a youthful look, you will love some of our tips.

Makeup tips are For Everyone, Just With The Right Application

Makeup isn’t just for hot dates & office wear, nor mature women & brides. Nowadays teens are wearing makeup to school and definitely in college. Teens are quite involved in everything that is happening and are always following the hottest trends while purchasing all the right makeup & skincare products.

If you want to know some makeup tricks which will boost your confidence while not aging you, make sure to read through. Also, try to remember that you don’t have to apply makeup to become someone else. Use it to put your best face forward, and to feel better in your skin.

Top 5 Makeup Tricks For Teens

  1. Your Age

Your skin is probably a lot better than the skin of a 40-year old woman. This is why you won’t need to conceal a lot. Know your limits and only apply makeup as per your age. Also, a dark black smokey eye and a bright red lipstick may look amazing on a runway model, but they may not be an ideal go-to for a teenage girl.

  1. Less Is More

Since your skin is probably normal-oily you won’t need a lot of products. All you could use is a bit of BB or CC cream, or a medium-coverage concealer just to hide some spots. You can apply these products with your fingers and you’ll be left with a radiant, natural & streak-free outcome, perfect for school! Just make sure you don’t apply a hefty amount of setting powder. It can age you, and get into fine lines which you didn’t even know you had.

  1. Use Highlight

Emphasize your prettiest features with a highlight shade. Try to accentuate your cheeks, inner corners, and your brow bone. Add your favorite highlighter by doing tapping motions and apply the product gradually. The best shade is something which is 2-3 shades lighter than your skin tone, and something that is not too beamy on the skin.

  1. High-Quality Products Are Important

You shouldn’t go all-out, especially if you are on a budget. However, what you can do is focus on buying a lot fewer products, but invest in some key pieces. For instance, you can purchase a 3 in 1 base product which can act as an amazing primer, moisturizer & foundation! Being a teen is challenging since you are prone to breakouts, so rather invest in some quality products, especially for your skin & lids.

  1. Learn All Over Again

No one expects you to know everything regarding makeup. It is important to learn as you go, and as you test out new products. Don’t be so hard on yourself if you don’t get it within your first try. Skills are learned through tries & errors, so make sure you have the patience to start over & over again. Lastly, remember to drink a lot of water & eat clean! A proper diet can help your body & skin, so make sure you intake your H20 and stay away from greasy food.

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